Trayvon Martin and the Roman Catholic Takeover of America


Most, who have followed the Trayvon Martin affair, have no idea that it is part of the Roman Catholic Takeover of America.  But it is.  

When I viewed Pierce Morgan’s interview with Trayvon’s girlfriend, Rachel Jeantel, I had to know what, if anything, of substance she had to say. Until I saw the interview, I had wondered why the media were giving so much press to this unfortunate girl. You see, Trayvon’s dead, and he’s not coming back. Zimmerman was acquitted, and we can’t change that. So, knowing that the media always wants us to look left when we should be looking right, I wondered, “Why Rachel Jeantel, and why now?”

Then I heard her say that Trayvon called George Zimmerman a “creepy…cracka,” and that there was nothing wrong with the word “crack-a.” Then I knew: this girl is on a mission. Jeantel differentiated “crack-a” (with an “a” ending) from “crack-er” (with an “er” ending), saying that while the latter is a racist term, the former is just Miami street speak. She also said that there is nothing wrong with the word “nigga” for the same reason.

Rachel Jeantel’s “hood wisdom” combined with the fact that she used a Cult of Mary hand sign (the index, middle, and ring fingers held together and the pinky finger separated) several times during the interview, convinced me that this terribly deceived young lady is a hired gun for the Roman Catholic church and other forces that want to widen the racial divide in America and bring us closer to our own destruction.

The message of Rachel Jeantel is that if it is OK for blacks to call whites “crackers,” then it is OK for whites to call blacks “niggers.” Now you can argue semantics all you want, but you had better understand that a great portion of the population has deviant tendencies, and a great many of these people are directly affected by what they see on television. These very people will be in the streets openly calling each other “crackers” and “niggers.” Why? Because Rachel Jeantel said it was OK.

Question: Who is Rachel Jeantel?

Answer: A “celebrity.”

Question: Why should we seriously consider anything she says?

Answer: Because she’s a “celebrity.”

If you think I’m being facetious, you should read the following comments from an article discussing this very subject. The last comment is of particular interest. Read the original article and the comment here.



Now we know why the media have made Rachel Jeantel a celebrity. They have made her the official spokesperson for black America, and this spokesperson says that it’s okay to say, “nigger” and “cracker,” if you “put an ‘a’ on it.” The “Reverend” Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton should have held press conferences thirty minutes after the interview, to quickly denounce Jeantel. But they won’t, because, in the words of Malcolm X, they all “have the same paymaster.”

Think about this very carefully, because if it is okay to say, “nigger” (okay, “nigga”) and “cracker” (okay, “cracka”), then, it’s okay to say “chink,” “gook,” “spick,” “deigo,” and any other racial term we feel is appropriate. All we have to do is add an “a” to the end of it. Or any other vowel, in fact; for Ms. Jeantel referred to Asians as “chino niggas.”

If we had not been so desensitized to violence and crude hateful language by the Hollywood Motion Picture and entertainment industries, which produces “hip hop” music, we would be enflamed by this development. That many of us are not, however, is a litmus test of our own depravity.

The black community especially had better wake up to what is going on. This trend toward racial slurring being promoted by Jeantel and many Blacks is not appreciated by many other ethnic groups. Blacks appear to many in the world as problematic. Blacks are being painted as separatists and are seen by many as pampered, spoiled, arrogant, unappreciative, self-righteous, and–believe it or not–racist. It will come to pass that not only will certain whites want to see blacks out of the way, but virtually every other ethnic group as well. In the present media-fueled, but totally bogus, climate of world harmony, blacks are being made to look the dissemblers. It will come to pass that when the “final solution” is proposed, no one–BUT NO ONE–will stand up for us.

It is too late for me to say, “Wake up America,” for we have been asleep for far too long and have become accustomed to blissful slumber. Therefore, I will simply say what Jesus said, when He could not get His disciples to stay awake and keep watch:

“Sleep on!” (Matthew 26:45).

Be encouraged and look up, for your redemption draweth nigh.

The Still Man


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