New Columbia and the Roman Catholic Takeover of America

Roman Catholic "Patriotic Flag"

In the book, Ravening Wolves, author and Christian evangelist, Monica Ferrell, gives us the blueprint for the Roman Catholic takeover of a nation. As you may recall, this takeover happens in three phases: Phase One is a general call to prayer wherein Roman Catholics consecrate a particular country to their Virgin Mary. In Phase Two, The Roman Catholic church actually dedicates the country to Mary. Finally, in Phase Three, the Roman Catholics wage a “holy warfare” to possess the country that they have claimed.

Phase Three is being implemented in the United States of America, as a holy warfare is in progress and nearing fruition. The Roman Catholic church has already claimed America for its own, and is about to possess it outright. This will become evident very soon.

Phase Three happens in four steps. The first step is for an independent Roman Catholic state to be declared. This happened in Yugoslavia during WWII, when the Independent State of Croatia was formed. I originally theorized that one of America’s independent cities: Carson City, NV; St. Louis, MO; or Baltimore, MD could declare itself an independent state, but I was careful to point out that Washington, D.C., the District of Columbia, is also an independent city. Given that D.C. is already the seat of the national government, which displayed its Roman Catholic flavor in no uncertain terms during the re-inaugurations of President Obama and Vice President Biden, the District of Columbia could quite possibly become the Independent State of Columbia.

This possibility became a probability when, while perusing proposed bills at the Government Printing Office website, I happened upon H.R. 292, the “New Columbia Admission Act”:


Click here for the full text of the bill.

New Columbia is the proposed name for what is presently known as Washington, D.C., and will encompass essentially the same area. The District of Columbia statehood movement has been rolling along for quite some time. But, with this bill, it is almost certain to become a reality. So certain, in fact, that the U.S. Army Institute of Heraldry has already designed a proposed national flag featuring 51 stars:

Proposed flag of 51 stars

Proposed flag of 51 stars

According to Ferrell, Step Three of Phase Three, is for the government of the newly formed Roman Catholic state to issue a notice that only Roman Catholics may serve in government. With the formation of New Columbia, the stage will be set for this to happen in America. For the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, sits in Washington, D.C.


At the basilica’s dedication, a prayer was read by a Roman Catholic bishop dedicating the United States to the Virgin Mary.

In a pictorial calendar of Washington, D.C. which I got from the visitor’s center over eleven years ago, there was a photo of the Basilica. The caption underneath the photo read, “A church for national purposes.” That the basilica is called the “National Shrine” indicates that it is a national church. And, in that it is a Roman Catholic church that has been dedicated to a Roman Catholic idol, it is declaring America as a Roman Catholic country.

In fact, “Our Lady of America,” is a movement to place the Virgin Mary, under the title of “Our Lady of America,” in that basilica.  At least that is what the Roman Catholic church says.  But I believe that the real goal is to place “Our Lady of America,” the Roman Catholic idol called the Virgin Mary, in the White House.

You must understand that the Roman Catholic church is a theocracy, and the Roman Catholic pope purports to be the final authority in all matters, whether secular or religious.  As far as the Roman Catholic church is concerned, there is no separation of church and state.  The church is the state.  

It only stands to reason, then, that the Vatican would place their idol in the White House, as a signal to the world that the Roman Catholic church has conquered America.


When last we checked, “Our Lady of America” was located in a church right next to the White House, supposedly on its way to the National Shrine.

In a country that boasts separation of church and state, the Roman Catholic church has been quietly, subtly, but oh so steadily portraying itself as the spiritual head of the United States. And at no time was that made clearer than at the inauguration of Vice President Joe Biden, a Roman Catholic, whose benediction was administered by a Roman Catholic priest, while his oath of office was administered by Roman Catholic Supreme Court Associate Judge Sonya Sotomayor.

Saints, we are very close indeed.

The Still Man


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