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Vatican May Apologize for Persecution of Christians

The Vatican may soon issue a formal apology for the Roman Catholic church’s historical persecution of Bible-believing Protestant Christians. During a recent homily, Pope Francis, the False Prophet of Revelation 13, said, “Jesus, before the Passion, prayed for the unity … Continue reading

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The Media Assault on Christianity Continues

Grace and peace. In our post entitled, “In God We Trust, All Others We Monitor” we discuss how the media associates Biblical Christianity with terrorism by calling it “fundamentalism,” the same term applied to Islāmic terrorism.  In “The Occult Significance of … Continue reading

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Smile, You’re on Heretic Camera!

  Grace and Peace to you. Something is seriously wrong with America. Today, for some reason, I decided to go to YouTube and type “Neighbors Spying” into the search engine.  I was amazed at how many hits I got.  It … Continue reading

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