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The Art of Noise

Well, I finally made it to St. Louis, and, I must say, it was a very eventful trip.  My Hawaiian odyssey was short, but I can now check Hawaii off my list of places to see.  To tell you the … Continue reading

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Mind Control, The Truman Story, and Us

Grace and peace, Saints.  In my last post, I explained that I would chronicle some of the strange occurrences that have taken place on this trip.  I’m going to give you the sanitized version, because if I were to give … Continue reading

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It’s Christmas, So I’m Supposed To Be Happy…Right?

Grace and peace, Saints. Today is Christmas.  Millions of children will be bounding down the stairs or running into the living room to see what Mom and Dad, oh…er…Santa Claus bought…oops…brought them for Christmas.  Today the air will be filled … Continue reading

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Roman Catholicism, Children, and Fear

  Grace and peace, Saints. Children play an integral role in Satan’s plan to destroy Protestant Biblical Christianity and establish his satanic New World Order. In Nazi Germany, Hitler used children to spy on their parents and inform the government … Continue reading

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