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I Was A Good Soldier

Grace and peace, Saints. The Waco tragedy has been on my subconscious since I saw the documentary, “Waco Rules of Engagement” earlier this year. It tears me apart when I think that American soldiers and law enforcement personnel were responsible … Continue reading

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“The Trayvon Martin case is about guns, not race.”

Grace and peace, Saints. In our post on the Trayvon Martin case, we predicted that gun ownership would become the primary issue.  And now the Jello pudding man, Bill Cosby, confirms our suspicions. In a CNN interview, Cosby says that … Continue reading

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Does President Obama Think All (Christian) Gun Owners Are Terrorists?

Grace and peace unto you, brothers and sisters. President Obama has just told us what the war on terror is really all about.  In a CNN interview, he reportedly made the following statement with regard to the government’s terrorism focus: “The … Continue reading

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