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What Roman Catholics Really Believe: Who Is The Morning Star, Jesus or the Virgin Mary?

Grace and peace, Saints. Page 135 of A Practical Catholic Dictionary defines a litany as “A prayer of devotion consisting of short invocations followed by responses.” It goes on to say, “In the invocations, Our Lord, Our Lady, or the … Continue reading

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To All Backslidden Christians, Satans Says, “Thanks!”

Grace and peace, Saints, and greetings to those who are stumbling in the dark. Today I happened upon a site that serves as a clearinghouse for junk mail, and I found this letter.  No author was listed, so I cannot … Continue reading

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Reply To A Christian About the Charismatic Movement

Grace and peace, believers, and greetings to those still in the world. The following post is a reply to a comment made by a dear soul who believes the Charismatic Movement is of God.  I am posting it here for … Continue reading

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Don’t Get Too Enraptured by the Rapture

Grace and peace, saints! It seems that a preacher named Harold Camping has predicted that the Rapture will take place on May 21, 2011. Jesus said that this would happen (Matthew 24:23), and it’s happening just like he said. What … Continue reading

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