Ravening Wolves

“The facts contained in this book are vital to all Protestants. When read, pass the book on to your friends that they too may be informed and warned of Roman Catholic brutalities.”

–Monica Farrell, author, Ravening Wolves.

Written by Monica Farrell, this incredibly revealing book documents the horrible atrocities committed in Yugoslavia during the Second World War by the Roman Catholic Croatian majority against a defenseless Serb minority.  You never learned this in history class.

Farrell also provides the blueprint for the Roman Catholic takeover of a country, beginning with the consecration, or dedication, of that country to the Virgin Mary, and culminating with the total disarmament of the citizens of that country.

This should concern all freedom-loving Americans, as the United States has already been consecrated to the Virgin Mary, and the mass shooting at Sandy Hook has legislators frantically stepping up their efforts to completely disarm the American people.  This is in preparation for the final “purification”: the Great Tribulation of the Christian Church.

If you are a Bible-believing Christian, you must read this book.  Click here to download the free e-Book.


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