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Grace and peace to my fellow witnesses (excluding Jehovah’s Witnesses), and greetings to the unsaved (including Jehovah’s Witnesses).

I am doubtless one of the worst bloggers in the history of blogging. They say that ideally bloggers should post something every day and at the very least once a week. Many of you know that I have tried many times to do that and have even gotten pretty close a couple of times. But, I likely will never make it.

This ministry involves much more than me just sitting down and writing articles. We dedicate many hours to research–both secular and biblical. We spend a lot of time in prayer because of the many prayer requests this ministry receives. And, because we take great care to answer all questions you pose to us, we spend as lot of time answering your emails and answering the comments you post on our articles.  And we still have a wife and kids, a dog (OK, two mice), personal responsibilities, and missionary activities. This doesn’t leave us much time for writing articles.

And folks, when I say “we,” I mean the editorial we, which means me.

Because we are talking about spiritual matters that involve the spiritual growth and development of believers; define doctrine; clear up doubts; define and refute heresy; contend for the faith; and bring some to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, I am careful to ensure that my responses are as thoughtful, thorough, and accurate as possible. This means I invest a great deal of time and energy responding to your comments.

Consequently, many of my responses are basically mini articles and contain much information that is not in the articles themselves, either because to include the information would make the article prohibitively long, I didn’t think of or know the information at the writing of the article, or I simply forgot to include it. You can, therefore, learn a lot of information by reading the comments. Some have found that in reading the comments, their own questions were answered before they even asked them, while others have found a discussion on a topic they didn’t even know existed. Quite often, the date of the responses and the length and depth of the content would reveal that I am actually responding to comments much more frequently than I am writing articles.

From time to time, someone will post a comment that requires such a lengthy response that I have elected to answer the comment by way of an article. On several occasions, however, I have been so busy that I have not always had time to do it. At my daughter’s suggestion, therefore, I am considering converting many of the comments into articles. I hope to do this by the start of the new year, God willing. In the meantime, you may consider checking out the comments from time to time.

I believe it is possible to subscribe to a blog’s comments, but I don’t if that is true or how it can be done. If it can be done and I find out how, I will share that information with you.



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