Witness to Jasenovac’s Hell


Grace and peace, Saints.

We have added another resource to our bibliography, a book entitled Witness to Jasenovac’s Hell.

Written by a survivor of the Jasenovac concentration camp in Yugoslavia during WWII, this book provides a horrifying glimpse into the torture, murder, deprivation, starvation, and psychological trauma which were a daily part of life at Jasenovac, the third-largest concentration camp in Europe.  When it was apparent that the Nazis were going to lose the war, and the Allies were approaching, the Roman Catholic Croatian Ushtashi who ran Jasenovac began murdering all the prisoners, to try to erase all evidence and witnesses to their crimes.

This book is one of the few first-hand accounts of the atrocities that occurred at Jasenovac, written by a survivor who escaped the camp at sixteen years of age.  It is amazing that given it’s historical significance, only a couple of copies of this book are available at Amazon and they cost over six-hundred dollars. It is not available at all through Abe’s Books. I was blessed to find a copy at a university library here in Munich and spent the next two weeks digitizing it. It is my goal to help keep this important historical resource available, and to awaken Christians to what is going to happen to the body of Christ in the very near future when the Roman Catholic Takeover of America is complete.

Witness to Jasenovac’s Hell is a fitting companion to Monica Farrell’s account of the massacre of the Serbs in Ravening Wolves, also found in the Bibliography.

I strongly urge you to download and read this important historical resource.  And please pray with me for the Persecuted Church as well as prepare your own hearts for what will soon be coming for all who name the name of Jesus.


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