Black Helicopters Over Munich?


Grace and peace, Saints.

A couple of weeks ago, I heard the sound of a helicopter flying somewhere near my house. By the sound of it, I could tell that it was flying very near to the ground and very close to my apartment building. Helicopters are not a novelty–especially if you live near a military base, or a civilian helipad. But, I don’t live near a military base or a civilian helipad; and, even if I did, helicopters are not supposed to fly that close to a residential area. As I listened, it seemed to be no more than about a couple hundred feet away and getting closer. When it sounded closest, I looked out the window, and saw a blackish-grey military-type helicopter with no markings cruise by my apartment building at about a hundred feet off the ground–about treetop level.

Now, I’m not a pilot, but I’m pretty sure that no aircraft–civilian or military–should be flying that low over a densely-populated urban area when there is no war or civil unrest . There were no military maneuvers going on in the area, to my knowledge, so there was really no reason for the helicopter to be there and for it to be flying so low in a residential area. What was even more notable was the fact that no one even seemed to notice or care that a military helicopter was cruising through their neighborhood–even the construction workers on the nearly completed two-story building right beneath the helicopter as it flew over. No big deal: just another day in paradise.

You probably would think that I would have been at least a little surprised by this event, but, I wasn’t. I’ve been hearing helicopters flying over or near my house for years, but I never got a look at one. I’m actually not the first person to see such a thing. Many Americans have reported seeing low-flying black helicopters over their neighborhoods for many years. The late researcher, William Cooper, on his shortwave radio show, “The Hour of the Time,” often talked about this, and had even seen them flying around his house in Eager, Arizona. I had never seen the helicopters for myself, but because of what I have been through, I believed the reports. Now I’ve seen one for myself, and can testify that the reports are true.

It is interesting about this is that all of the incidents of helicopter harassment that I have read about have been reported by Americans living in the United States.  I live in Munich, Germany.  This happened at around 10:30 A.M., and when I looked out the window, no one else was looking out of theirs and the few people I saw on the street didn’t even look up, not even the construction workers when the helicopter flew right over the building they were working on!

Common sense says that when something unusual happens and everyone acts as though it isn’t happening, they are probably in on the game. Under the circumstances, I am not surprised, as I’ve been aware of my neighbors’ involvement in my harassment for many years.

As you may be aware, the enemies of freedom and liberty of conscience have been harassing me and others like me for years. These people have been from virtually all walks of life, and have involved police officers, government officials, and military personnel, including pilots. Let me tell you about something that happened a few years ago.

Back in 2012, my children and I were visiting the United States. Being retired military, I am eligible to travel on military aircraft on a space-available basis. At Andrews Air Force Base, MD, we boarded a plane bound for Pope Air Force Base, NC. After we were seated, the pilot came and told me that he and the crew would be performing some type of “special maneuvers” as a training exercise. Now, I knew that it is against regulations to perform such maneuvers in non-tactical situations and with civilian personnel on board—especially children. But I didn’t protest, knowing what was going on, and confident that the Lord Jesus had foreseen this situation well in advance and would use for good what the devil meant for evil.

After takeoff, we climbed to cruising altitude, and after about fifteen or twenty minutes, the plane dropped abruptly a few hundred feet, before ascending to its former altitude. Then, it rapidly descended again, before repeating this maneuver several times in the next half hour. It was like flying on a roller coaster. And every time we descended, we were very low to the ground–so low that I thought we were preparing to land. This went on for about half an hour. During these maneuvers, I glanced around and noticed that most of the passengers seemed unfazed, while some were visibly uncomfortable. One man, for example, lay across from us on two seats pretending to be asleep, but he would stiffen like a board every time the plane began another rapid descent. One of the crew, seated next to me, had a wry smile plastered to his face. Strangely, not one passenger complained about this strange and highly unusual event.

It was obvious to me that the whole thing was planned in advance and was meant to terrify my children. By the grace of God, however, they were calm the entire trip. My daughters were asleep most of the time, but my son was awake and experienced the whole thing. Only back in Munich, almost a year later, did my son, then only ten years old, admit that he had been a little afraid that day. He was very relieved when I told him that under the circumstances, it was totally normal for him to be afraid. “It does not matter if you are afraid,” I told him, “what matters is what you do when you’re afraid. And you did very well!”

People have been asking why police officers, government officials, and even soldiers have been behaving very badly. It makes no sense that someone who has taken an oath to “protect and to serve” and to “defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic” would violate that oath and abdicate his sworn responsibilities in order to fulfill another obligation: no sense, that is, unless seen from the perspective of the Roman Catholic Takeover of America.

There may have been a good reason for the helicopter. And even if there was not, one would have been fabricated. But as far as I’m concerned, it was merely more proof that in this war, many of those whom we trust—even many men and women in uniform—have been compromised. Choose your heroes wisely.

Be encouraged and look up, for your redemption draweth nigh.




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