A Stroke of Genius

Grace and peace, Saints.

You may have noticed that I have yet to make good on my New year’s resolution to be a better blogger this year. Believe me when I say I have every intention of writing more, podcasting more, and doing more videos for our You Tube channel this year. But, as the Good Lord would have it, I suffered a pretty bad stroke back in mid-January, and was in the hospital until this past Monday. I’m actually writing this from a rehab center outside of Munich.

By the grace of God I suffered none of the debilitating effects usually associated with a stroke as large as the one I suffered. In fact, though they never came right out and said it, the surprise of the neurologists who treated me and the nursing staff at my rapid recovery made it obvious that my recovery was considered no less than a miracle. In fact, the reason I’m in this rehab center is because when the neurological team at the hospital where I received treatment saw my CAT scan results, they were certain I would need a great deal of physical therapy to return to a normal life. I had suffered some brain damage, which resulted in a large amount of bleeding on my brain, and my brain was badly swollen. When the chief of the Neuro-Brain Clinic saw me, he said that my condition was not consistent with the brain scan he saw.

But, God was merciful, and, this past Monday, 19 days after I was admitted, I walked out of the hospital with my wife on my arm, and we caught the streetcar and the subway home, stopping for a pizza on the way, while my enemies, who were all over the hospital, the subway station, and the street outside the hospital, looked on in anger and amazement, glorifying God in the process. A few hours later, we celebrated one of my daughters’ sixteenth birthday. Don’t you dare tell me God ain’t good!

Jesus is Lord, and the devil is a liar!

The Still Man

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