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He Said/She Said – October 19, 2014

“The man, who knowingly and consistently rejects any truth, will come to reject all truths, and will eventually reject the Ultimate Truth.”                      –The Still Man Copyright secured by Digiprove © 2014 Anthony Keeton,  The Still ManSome Rights ReservedOriginal content here … Continue reading

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Band of Brothers?

Grace and peace, Saints. Last year, publicist Jack Chick addressed the growing hostility toward biblical Christianity in the military. He cited the following examples given by the World News Service that exemplify the military’s growing apostasy: An Army Reserve training … Continue reading

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“Think How Good The Great Soldiers Are”

Grace and peace. This post doesn’t have any religious significance, but I’m posting it anyway. SSG Sal Giunta was awarded the Medal of Honor for exceptional heroism during a firefight in eastern Afghanistan.  But it wasn’t his bravery that got … Continue reading

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A Letter To Ms. “V”

Grace and peace. Earlier this year, a lady wrote me requesting prayer and deliverance.  A few days ago, she wrote me again a few days ago to update me on her situation and to ask me a question.  Both times … Continue reading

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Should A Christian Be Nice, Or Should A Christian Be Good?

Grace and peace to the children of the day, and greetings to the denizens of the night. Today, a deliveryman for DHS (the European equivalent of UPS) came to my door to deliver me a package (of Gospel tracts.  Woohoo!). … Continue reading

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