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Persecution and Soul Ties

Grace and peace, Saints. While writing this, the Spirit took over, meaning there is someone for whom the result is intended.  If, therefore, I seem to have diverged somewhat, from the original sense, forgive me. I have returned from my … Continue reading

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He Said/She Said – May 17, 2014

Alani: “Why are your ears so long and pointy?” Tuvok: “Vulcans’ ears have so developed over thousands of years of evolution.” Alani: “Do you hear any better?” Tuvok: “No.” –Conversation between an alien child named Alani and Science Officer Tuvok. … Continue reading

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The Still Man’s Wayback Machine – May 1, 2014

Grace and peace, Saints. Here is what we wrote about this week last year (it was a very slow week): Deceitful Workers: Eddie Murphy Many consider Eddie Murphy the greatest black comedian ever: even better than Richard Prior.  He is … Continue reading

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