Occult Hand Signs and the Cult of Mary

Grace and peace to my fellowservants who have the testimony of Jesus Christ, and greetings to the servants of Satan.

According to Chapter 19 of the Book of Acts, the idol known as Diana of Ephesus was worshipped all over the world.  Alexander Hislop, in The Two Babylons, writes that Diana was merely another name for Semiramis, the queen of ancient Babylon and the wife of Nimrod.  It was Nimrod, the great-grandson of Noah, and his father, Cush, who built the tower of Babel.  When God confused the Babylonians’ speech at the Tower of Babel and scattered the people to the four winds, those ancient people took the worship of Nimrod and Semiramis with them, and Babylon became the center of paganism for the world.

According to Hislop, Nimrod was a very evil man, who practiced many abominations before the Lord, including child sacrifice.  For this, he said, Noah’s son, Shem, the father of the Jewish race, killed Nimrod.  Nimrod’s body was then cut into fourteen pieces and sent all over the world as a warning to all who dared continue in this religion. 

Consequently, Nimrod’s worshippers took their religion underground, where it was kept alive through occult secret societies.  It was then known as the Mystery Religion.  The members of these societies used secret handshakes, passwords, tokens, and other symbols to secretly identify themselves to one another when in the company of the “profane” (those who were not initiated into their secret religion).  This practice continues today in secret societies such as the Freemasons.

Semiramis was the head of this occult system of idolatry, and, like Nimrod, she was also deified, and, eventually, became the principle object of worship.  Being the wife and counterpart of Nimrod, who was worshipped as the Sun God, Semiramis was worshipped as the Moon Goddess.

Since Semiramis was worshipped all over the world, she was known by different names all over the world, depending on the country, the language, and the particular personal quality, or, attribute, under which she was worshipped.  She was thus called Myrianimus, “the goddess of ten thousand names” (Alexander Hislop, The Two Babylons). In Greece, for example, she was known as Demeter, which means “Mother of God.”  It is believed that Semiramis was given this title because her husband, Nimrod, was also her son.  Demeter was also the Greek goddess of cereal grains (Oxford Dictionary), and, as such, she was worshipped among the Romans as Ceres.  It is from this word that we get our modern word, cereal.   Ceres was symbolized by an ear of wheat (Oxford).  NOTE: The reader may find it interesting that ears of wheat appeared on the reverse side of the American one cent piece from 1909 to 1958. The pennies were thus called “wheat pennies.”

In that the original design of the obverse of the wheat penny was to feature the head of Liberty (another name for the goddess), it is a given that the wheat symbolizes Ceres.

Original image by Wehwalt of model of proposed obverse of 1909 one cent piece by Augustus Saint-Gaudens (died 1907).

The Romans also called the goddess Diana, the goddess of virginity and of the moon. Diana was also the goddess of the sea, and, as such, the Greeks called her Aphrodite, which means, “foam born.”  The Latin or Roman word for sea is mari or mare, which, Anglicized, becomes Mary.

It is under the title of Mary, the goddess of the sea, that the Roman Catholic church worships Diana or Semiramis, the Queen of Heaven.  This is why seashells, water, the color blue (as well as blue-green), and waves of the sea are all symbols that the Catholic church uses for Mary.

During the Dark Ages, so-called because the Light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ was almost completely extinguished, the Roman Catholic church, through its brutal Inquisition, suppressed all knowledge of salvation through our Lord Jesus.  During this time, the ancient pagan worship of Nimrod and Semiramis resurfaced with a vengeance.   Then Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses on the door of All-Saints Church at Wittenburg, and the Protestant Reformation was born. 

With the Reformation came the knowledge of the True Savior, Jesus Christ, the Light of the World, and the Light of the Gospel illuminated the dark recesses of the world.  With the worship of Jesus Christ, the One True God, came the knowledge that goddess worship is idolatry.  So, again, the Mystery Religion, as it did upon the death of Nimrod, went underground. 

But Rome has never stopped working to subvert Christianity and again bring the world under the iron fist of the Papacy.  The devotees of the Mystery Religion of ancient Babylon have infiltrated key areas of society and have slowly but surely succeeded in subverting the true knowledge and worship of God while simultaneously indoctrinating the world into paganism.  Their light workers have infiltrated all spheres of society: government, education, the arts and sciences, sports, entertainment, the military, and even religion.

The Hollywood Motion Picture and Entertainment industry has arguably been Mystery Babylon’s most successful tool to indoctrinate the masses into the Mystery Religion of ancient Babylon. Many celebrities can be seen flashing peculiar hand signs, which I believe are a means of communication between initiates of the Mysteries.  We will discuss two of these hand signs, both of which can be traced back to the worship of the goddess Diana. 

Note the left hand of this illustration of Diana of Ephesus from page 29 of Alexander Hislop’s The Two Babylons:


Notice that baby finger is held apart from the index-, middle, and ring fingers, which are held together, forming a “V.” Now examine the following photos:




Coincidence?  I doubt it. 

Sometimes this hand sign is formed by separating the index finger from the others which are held together. Since both forms can be seen being displayed by the goddess in the famous painting “Birth of Venus” by Botticelli, it is further proof that this hand sign is associated with the goddess Venus:

Venus, the goddess of the sea

The second hand sign is formed by holding the middle and ring fingers together while leaving a gap between them and the index and baby fingers, forming an “M.”  This sign is also associated with the goddess Diana as illustrated by the following photo:


The middle fingers of Diana in the above image are not held together, but the fact that they are held in exactly the same position in both hands as well as the positioning of the hands themselves, makes it clear that something is happening here.

Now examine the following photos:

Michelle Obama flashes occult handsign

Michelle Obama flashes Marian salute


Some believe Adolph Hitler to have been a Freemason, since he was reportedly a member of the Thule Society, another occult secret society, and believe he sported the “M” sign to signify his allegiance to Masonry. But, because Hitler was also a very fervent Roman Catholic, if it is an M he is displaying, then it is most likely for Mary.

Saints, resist the temptation to write this off as unimportant.  It is very important. Goddess worship is alive and well, and goddess worshippers are not just entertainers or religious nuts.  Many of these people are very prominent and influential, and are people to whom has been entrusted our safety and our very lives.  These people all worship the goddess, though they may not all be Roman Catholic.  Witches, for instance, worship the goddess as Diana, the goddess of witchcraft, while many New Agers who are into nature worship, call the goddess Rhea, Mother Nature, or Mother Earth.  Different name, same goddess.

This should concern you, as many of these people are our family, friends, pastors, bosses, coworkers, babysitters, and others whom we trust.  They claim to worship God, but they really worship the Virgin Mary. Since much of the world already worships the goddess, it will be a light thing for them to call her Mary instead of whatever they call her now. Ultimately, all who worship the goddess will worship the Virgin Mary.

Do not be deceived by appearances. Regardless of their ethnicity, nationality, religious affiliation, or political or ideological bent, these people ultimately have only one allegiance, and that is to the Pope of Rome and his star goddess, the Virgin Mary. And I assure you that allegiance comes before everything else, including–and especially–God, family, and country.

The Bible says, “a double-minded man is unstable in all his ways” (James 1:8).  These people, regardless of their claims to love and follow Jesus Christ, are not our brothers and sisters in Christ.  Jesus said that a slave cannot have two masters, as he will love one and hate the other.  If, therefore, they love Mary, then they will hate Jesus.  And if they hate Jesus, then they will also hate all who follow Jesus–you and me.  We will soon see the manifestation of this.

Now that you know what to look for, what follows is a running collection of people: famous and infamous, known and unknown, real and imagined, all showing their allegiance to the goddess.  The Bible says that all the world, except for true Bible-believing Christians, will worship the Antichrist and his idol.  Since this idol is most commonly known today as the Virgin Mary, I will henceforth refer to these people as the Cult of Mary. 

In that a great many of these people are Roman Catholic, and are influencing America’s morals and values, you may want to click here.

Be encouraged and look up, for your redemption draweth nigh.

The Still Man 


NOTE: Because a photo captures merely a fraction of a moment, a gesture that may appear occult could be completely unintentional.  If, however, several photos depict an individual making what appear to be occult hand signs…well, you decide.  The point is that we need to be paying attention. God bless you.

The Still Man 



Pauletta Washington



John Key

John Key

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba

Gary Coleman

Gary Coleman

Coach Al Davis

Coach Al Davis


Angela Merkel



Amanda Knox



Ex-U.S. Presidential candidate John Cain and wife, Gloria.




Pope Benedict XVI flashes occult hand sign

"The Truth, The Way and The Life" Portrait of His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI Oil on Canvas, 72" x 48" ( 183 cm x 122 cm ) Collection: Vatican, Rome

“Snooky” from reality TV show “Jersey Shore.”


Rachel Jeantel, girlfriend of Trayvon Martin

George Zimmerman pre-trial hearing george-zimmerman-cult-of-mary2

The above photos of Rachel Jenteel and George Zimmerman, both displaying Cult of Mary hand signs, ought to be a clue to you who was ultimately behind the whole Trayvon Martin affair.  Trayvon Martin is a crucial part of Step 4 of Phase Three of the Roman Catholic Takeover of America.  You can read more about it here.


David Bowie

oprahwinfrey facebook


At the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge got extremely uncomfortable at the mention of the name of Jesus. Pay close attention at 5:15.


Whitney Houston flashes cult of Mary hand sign @ 149.

Whitney Houston displaying cult of Mary hand sign



A bit of history about the above photo.  This is Charles Joseph Whitman, a former Marine and student at the University of Texas at Austin.  On August 1, 1966, Whitman went on a shooting rampage from the observation deck of the university’s tower, killing 16 people and wounding 32 others.  The massacre happened after Whitman allegedly killed his wife and mother in their homes.


Whitman was killed by Austin Police Officer Houston McCoy, assisted by Austin Police Officer Ramiro “Ranger Ray” Martinez.  As you can see, the middle fingers of Whitman’s right hand unmistakably display the Cult of Mary hand sign.  The fact that Whitman was dead when this photo was taken, and other photos of the body, such as the one below, do not appear to depict Whitman’s fingers in this position, are certainly cause for reflection.


The University of Texas shooting was one of the first so-called school shootings, and we believe that incidents like this as well as Columbine, The Norway Massacre, Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook, the Trayvon Martin shooting, and all similar shootings are all part of Step Four of Phase Three of the Roman Catholic Takeover of America, which is the total disarmament of the American people.



Now don’t be surprised about Tupac.  Remember these lyrics?: “Run wit me, HAIL MARY!…”



Eddie Murphy using occult hand sings during his tribute, "Eddie Murphy: One Night Only."

Eddie Murphy using occult hand sings during his tribute, “Eddie Murphy: One Night Only.”




Cult of Mary hand signs can be found in a number of Chick gospel tracts, including  several volumes of the Crusader series of comic book tracts.  I wrote Jack Chick to voice my concern about this and was told that the inclusion of the hand signs in those tracts was not intentional.  This claim is dubious at best.  In light of what you now know, you should understand that Chick Publications is very likely controlled opposition.

A record of my correspondence with Chick Publications on the issue of occult imagery in their gospel tracts can be found here, here, and here.

Occult hand sign in Chick tract, Why is Mary Crying?

From the Jack Chick gospel tract, “Why Is Mary Crying?”


From the Jack Chick gospel tract, “Why Is Mary Crying?”


From the Jack Chick Gospel tract, “The Storyteller.”


From the Jack Chick Gospel tract, “The Choice”:


aaronrogers jamesdean_mc1 


dora_mariancult1 egypt-mary-cult 

Occlut hand signs in Michelangelo's "Creation of Adam"

Michelangelo's "The Creation of Adam"


The Virgin Mary flashes an occult hand sign

A Catholic saint flashes an occult hand sign

amy-winehouse-marian-cult adele_vma2011 sophia_vergara_666 maria_bella_666 kateflannery_666 aimee_teegarden_666 olivia_munn_666 nancy_odell_666 bonnie_bentley_666 katieholmes_666



hannibal_mariancultNotice that the breastplate worn on this depiction of Hannibal, the great Carthaginian general, appears to be the type worn by women.  The Romans hated Hannibal.  And they still do.











Check out the conductor’s hands, especially the left, in this video of Marian Anderson singing the aptly titled “Ave Maria” (Hail Mary).




One of my very own children. Matthew 10:36.





Besides the Marian Salute, this painting by Anne-Louis Girodet de Roussy-Trioson is absolutely loaded with occult symbolism.



Eddie Murphy using occult hand sings during his tribute, "Eddie Murphy: One Night Only."

Regis flashes occult sign

Regis flashes Cult of Mary hand sign

Nancy Grace



cartoon_mariancult cartoon_mariancult2












Scene from the 60’s television series, The Invaders, Season 2, Episode 2, “The Saucer.”


Scene from the 60’s television series, The Invaders, Season 2, Episode 2, “The Saucer.”


I took the above photo of “comedian” and sellout extraordinaire, Kevin Hart, from a YouTube video documenting the many black male entertainers who have dressed in drag at some time in their careers.  It depicts Hart in a Saturday Night Live skit in which the comedian, dressed in women’s attire and donning a mitre, is elected the first black female pope.  

Ironically, the clip directly follows an interview with Hart, during which he says that he would never wear a dress, as “a person has to have limits,” or words to that effect.  Um-hmmm.




Now look at these last photos of the “baby jesus” and the photo of Pope Benedict XVI depicted earlier, and ask yourself why the Roman Catholic church often depicts “Jesus” naked.  Is depicting God naked a way to show respect, reverence, and honor?  Is it merely a coincidence that the Virgin Mary and Pope Benedict XVI are both fully clothed, while “Jesus” is in this unflattering condition?  Did you know that it is customary for the victor in a war to strip his enemy naked and parade him so around town to humiliate him?










By now, you should realize that many of our so-called heroes are nothing more than flawed human beings, many, if not most of whom, have sold out in some way. 

Muhammad Ali, formerly Cassius Clay, is no exception.  I believe Muhammad Ali was part of the Jesuit plan to destroy the Black Christian Church–the last bastion of Protestant Christianity in America.  His role, I believe, was to turn Blacks away from the God of the Bible, by spreading the lie that Christianity promoted slavery and racism, while promoting Islam as a Black man’s religion.  Remember that at one point Ali was very close to Malcolm X and the Nation of Islam.  Watch the video below and see if you agree.

A couple of things that I want you to notice:

1. Ali’s mention of “the pope,” which almost looks like a slip of the tongue.  Back in those days, most Blacks were Protestants and knew that Roman Catholicism was not Christianity and, thus, would not connect the pope with Christianity.  In other words, Muhammad Ali was never a true Christian to begin with, so converting to Islam was no major feat for him.

2. His hands.  He uses the Cult of Mary hand sign a couple of times.



emperorgroove_mc1 invaderss2e7_mc muslim_mc pch_mc



Internet shock jock, Tommy Sotomayor, has caused quite a stir among many Blacks, particularly women, as he often speaks disparagingly of Blacks in general and portrays black women in a way that is very unflattering.  He also uses a great deal of profanity.

In that the Bible admonishes us to speak evil of no man (Titus 2:2) and to use “sound speech that cannot be condemned” (Titus 2:8), then we know that Mr. Sotomayor is not on a mission from God.  Who he is on a mission for, should be obvious by the Cult of Mary hand sign he is sporting.  





Now someone is bound to say, “No! Not Satchmo!”

But read what Wikipedia has to say about Armstrong’s religious proclivities:

“When asked about his religion, Armstrong would answer that he was raised a Baptist, [though he] always wore a Star of David, and was friends with the Pope.  Armstrong wore the Star of David in honor of the Karnofsky family, who took him in as a child and lent him the money to buy his first cornet.  

“Louis Armstrong was, in fact, baptized as a Catholic at the Sacred Heart of Jesus church in New Orleans, and he met popes Pius XII and Paul VI, though there is no evidence that he considered himself a Catholic.”  [Emphasis mine.]

In that the Star of David is not a symbol of the Jewish people, but, in fact, is a symbol for the Phoenician fertility goddess, Ashtoreth, which was also worshipped by the apostate Jews, including King Solomon, (Amos 5:26, Acts 7:43), and is now worshipped in the Roman Catholic church as The Virgin Mary, the goddess of the sea, then it is highly likely that Armstrong wore the Star of David to pay homage to this same goddess.  

While researching Louie, I found out so many startling things about the man, that I have decided to add him to our list of Deceitful Workers.

Here’s Satchmo again:



Jimmy Angel, discoverer of Angel Falls in Venezuela

CeCe Wiyans displays a Cult of Mary hand sign

Freddy Mercury displays Cult of Mary hand signs







Cicely Tyson in scene from “Sounder.”











By the extreme hyper-extension of Liz Taylor’s pinky finger, she may have even had some surgical procedure performed to make this possible.


O.J. Simpson’s lawyer, Johnny Cochran, says “Hello” to those in the know.  In retrospect one can see that the Simpson trial was really about increasing the animosity between blacks and whites.



Mark Spitz With Medals





Danny Glover and Kevin Hooks in scene from “Sounder”





















taylorswift1_mc taylorswift2_mc taylorswift3_mc tbridgewater_mc


todayshow1_mc todayshow2_mc


ziksharko1_mc ziksharko2_mc

ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi


Leader of ISIS, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi



zigsharko_mc friends2 friends1 commercial_mc ronnie_jerseyshore_mc redsoxplayer_mc illumincard_mc

gowild_mc omarsharif_mc


Scene from “Pacific Rim.”


akhamenei_mc5 akhamenei_mc1 akhamenei_mc2 akhamenei_mc3 akhamenei_mc4monk_mc

wdefoe_mc2 bmidler_mc sonbono_mc gclooney_mc1 pwalker_mc1 pwalker_mc2 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA partyabschluss_mc1


Scene from Bedtime Stories with Adam Sandler.

partyabschluss_mc2 umslgirls_mc kimjungil_mc

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA obama_mc4 blanger_mc cowgirlyoga_mc bobbychristina_mc2

xijinping-wife_mc1 xijinping-wife_mc

wgoldberg_mc2 wgoldberg_mc1 pamukamara_mc

charlamagne_mc2 charlamagne_mc 50-cent-mc-3 50-cent-mc-2 50-cent-mc-1



mastercard_mc mac-os-mc fruestueckfernseher_mc DSCN4252 DSCF5173 DSCF4733



Dr. Ben Carson


Comedian Jerry Lewis


Taken from PayPal website

piano1_mc piano2_mc


Cover of April 2016 issue of “What’s Up Bavaria” military magazine.



Dr. King isn’t giving the Marian Salute, but he is linking arms with a Roman Catholic priest. Would a true Protestant preacher do that?


From Despertai!, the Portuguese version of Awake! magazine of the Jehovah’s Witnesses.

There’s never an inappropriate time to give a shout out to the Virgin!

Dwight Howard

Partners in Slime: Dwayne Wade and LaBron James showing they have much more in common than basketball.

President Trump demonstrates his popish proclivities.


A relative of mine, in the hospital before having her baby, throws up one version of the Marian Salute…

And, less you should think she wasn’t earnest, she throws up another version weeks after giving birth.


Bene Gesserit Reverend Mother Anirul, in scene from “Dune.”

Gender-bending sex symbol actress Marlene Dietrich

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  1. m w s says:

    Hello I come from Tulsa Oklahoma… and the Catholic’s here are racist.. and they tell me there Satanists.. and they work with the Aryan brother hood and the irish mob.. God and Diana yes I believe that.. she goes by many names… you can call her what you will.. anyhow the people I’ve been talking to in my head are fucked in the head.. I’m a telepath amongst other things.. if anyone wants to talk about religion and the end of the world and your not a wacked out Satanist child molesting rapist murderer then you can text me anytime at [Redacted by The Still Man] my name is my name say hello hey yay… also if you have any opinion on whether Catholic’s are the sign of the beast alas I have heard 666 means catholic in a bible study at a homeless shelter in downtown Tulsa.. and I have not made a decision in my mind yet.. so further discussion is welcomed.. and good people are not racists fyi… if you believe in god and jesus or Diana and paganism you are not a racist and if you are… your fucked in the head… and lets break it down real quick… witchcraft… right?? witch--is the religion and craft--is the magic and satan dies that’s how it is satan--evil … yes? I believe so… any who hit me up intelligent discussions are welcomed… crazy? no I think not… if you know you know and if you don’t know what I’m talking about then I don’t want to talk to you unless your interested anyway… thanks good day… merry we meet marry we part happily will live forever more.. yay!! [Redacted by The Still Man].

  2. colliefann says:

    Sorry about that, thank you for trying, you can watch it via this software http://sourceforge.net/projects/blackbeltpriv/
    I know the maker of this software and im the beta tester of it, with this you can view it.
    Its really safe.
    Let me know here if you can get on YT with this software.
    I forgot he gets more and more blocked.

    • I checked gorilla199 out and he is definitely not a Christian. For one, he quotes from the “Lost Books of the Bible” (namely Jasher and Eden). The so-called lost books are a deception straight from the pit of hell, attempting, as they do, to add to the Word of God. Read Revelation 22:19 to see what Jesus will do to those who add to His Word.

      He also talks about “reptilians” and Freemasons, just like David Icke, who is another deceiver. If I were you, I would not waste any more time on gorilla199 or any of that ilk. They are part of the “strong delusion.”

  3. colliefann says:

    Hello stillman,
    Still reading your blog. Not stalking, lol.
    Maybe you should check out gorilla199 on youtube he is made awesome discoveries all in the name of jesus, he made the helios-apollyon, beast of the pit connection, very educational.
    The only thing I disagreed with him is, that he once pretended to be a mason, on that vacation he also got very sick……i thought not a smart move. He is very honest about that.

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