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He Said/She Said – June 25, 2013

“It’s really quite tragic and quite poignant that someone who is this Italian-American who has portrayed his country in such an interesting way would die here (Italy).  It’s quite ironic really.” –CNN correspondent, Barbie Nadeau, commenting on the death of … Continue reading

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He Said/She Said – June 21, 2013

“The corporate accounting scandals of a decade ago have faded from public view, replaced by the financial crisis and insider-trader scandals.” –Mercury, 6/21/2013, in a story covering former Enron CEO, Jeffrey Skilling, whose 24-year prison sentence for fraud was … Continue reading

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Perilous Times Shall Come – June 16, 2013

Saints, prepare to be offended. The marshall’s arrest was justified, “because no one in the court tried to stop him?!” Come quickly, Lord Jesus!  

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“I Will Greatly Multiply Thy Sorrows”

Grace and peace saints.   For years, the mental health field has sought to understand why women suffer more from psychological disorders like depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder than men.  An article entitled, “Why do Women Get Depressed More Than … Continue reading

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Stay Tuned

Grace and peace, Saints. I’m sorry I haven’t posted anything in about a week, but I have been busy working on a couple of articles that God laid on my heart, and they are taking a lot longer than I … Continue reading

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The Importance of Fathers

Happy Fathers Day to all fathers–saved or not–and greetings to the rest of the world–saved or not. As I reflected on the meaning of Father’s Day, I realized that the twenty-first century has seen more American children grow up without … Continue reading

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