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He Said/She Said – May 29, 2013

“I come from a country…where we just don’t have gun violence like you do in America.  We have 30 or 40 murders a year from guns.  You have 12,500.” –Pierce Morgan, May 27, 2013, during an interview with Bob Costas … Continue reading

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He Said/She Said – May 25, 2013

“There is nothing in Islam that justifies this truly dreadful act.” –British Prime Minister, David Cameron, on May 23, 2013, during a press conference following the brutal daylight slaying of British soldier, Lee Rigby, by two Muslims. “Muslims kill more … Continue reading

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Two Marys

Grace and peace to the children of Light. A Roman Catholic devotee wrote me recently in regards to our article, The Virgin Mary: The Star of the Sea.  She said that after reading the article, she was so distressed that … Continue reading

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“Please, Just Say, ‘Thank you.'”

Grace and peace, believers. This has not been a good week for me spiritually.  I allowed Satan to beguile me into succumbing to anger, and the result was that I spoke and behaved in a way that was very unbecoming … Continue reading

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Deceitful Workers: Eddie Murphy

Grace and peace, Saints. A few weeks ago after a long session at the typewriter (OK, computer), I went into the living room, where my wife was watching Eddie Murphy, One Night Only, a tribute to Eddie Murphy, on television. … Continue reading

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