“The Trayvon Martin case is about guns, not race.”

Grace and peace, Saints.

In our post on the Trayvon Martin case, we predicted that gun ownership would become the primary issue.  And now the Jello pudding man, Bill Cosby, confirms our suspicions. In a CNN interview, Cosby says that the Trayvon Martin case is about guns, not race.   Of course, he was wrong on both counts, as Trayvon Martin is neither about guns nor race, but about our freedoms, or, more accurately, the loss thereof; for the Trayvon Martin case is merely a pretext for the government to disarm the American people by creating sufficient ire in the minds of peace-loving citizens for them to agree to do away with our Second Amendment right “to keep and bear arms.”

Cosby related that he once bought a gun to protect his family, but gave it back, because he found himself pulling out his gun whenever there was something going on outside his home that was not to his liking.  Unknowingly, Cosby identified himself as having a personality similar to George Zimmerman’s whose mindset, according to Cosby, was changed by the presence of a gun in his hands: who felt himself a “hero” because he had a gun.  Fortunately, the vast majority of gun owners are decidedly more mature than both Cosby and Zimmerman.  But the powers-that-be don’t care.

Additionally, Kate Middleton’s sister, Pippa, apparently has her own gun-related problems.  According to media sources, “Her Royal Hotness” was caught in the company of an associate who brandished a gun apparently to frighten off the paparazzi.

Now if you believe that the sister of the would-be Queen of the United Kingdom could possibly be that stupid, then I have some prime real estate in Chernobyl that I’m willing to sell you cheap.  Now we know why Pippa Middleton was made a celebrity and why she was given a reputation as being sort of rebellious.  This has all been planned in advance.

I believe that the gun issue in America and the rest of the world will ultimately be solved by the U.N.  That is the reason the trial of Anders Breivik just happens to be going on at this particular time.  Guns will be at the front of the global “collective consciousness” for the next few weeks at least.  Of course, there will be a couple more shocking gun incidents thrown in just to ensure a worldwide groundswell of anti-gun sentiment.  Disarmament will be promoted as the only way to ensure peace.  And because the media will cover all these events ad nauseum, most well-meaning citizens will agree.

Because most gun owners in America will probably refuse to give up their guns, the U.N. may order a multi-national force into America to disarm the populace and restore order, just like they did in Libya, just like they will do in Syria, and just like they are doing everywhere else in the world.  This, of course, will be accomplished as part of the War [of] Terror.

And atrocities will occur.

The Still Man

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