Deceitful Workers: Denzel Washington

“Family Man” Denzel Washington

Grace and peace to the brethren. 

You know, most people think that Denzel Washington is one of the cleanest actors in Hollywood.  I mean, you never hear about Denzel getting in trouble with the law, you never hear about Denzel getting in trouble with drugs, you never hear about Denzel being found with a prostitute, and you never hear about Denzel having marital problems. Denzel just seems like a clean-cut, hard working, family man.

But you know that somewhere along the line Denzel has to have sold out.  He had to, otherwise he would not be an A-list actor.  You cannot be an A-list actor unless you have sold out.  Denzel won an Oscar for Training Day, and he would not have won an Oscar had he not sold out in some way.  You didn’t think he won it solely on the strength of his acting performance, did you?  

But if Denzel doesn’t do drugs (ostensibly), doesn’t chase women (ostensibly), doesn’t cavort with prostitutes (ostensibly), and doesn’t get in trouble with the law, how do I know that he has sold out?  You might ask.  

Well, consider the fact that the disgusting N-word has become almost commonplace now. It is used in music, movies, and possibly very soon fashion, as Damon Wayans is working feverishly to found a clothing store chain, the name of which is the N-word.  

By now you should know that when something evil manifests in society, it showed up first in Hollywood, and this is also true with the ubiquitous N-word.  As a matter of fact, Denzel played a major role in this.  Remember the famous “Smoke it!” scene from Training Day?  Recall that Denzel used the N-word twice in that one scene and several times in the movie, if I recall correctly.

When I saw Training Day, I was not saved, but the importance of an A-list black actor using the N-word to describe a white man was not lost on me.  No Sir, it was not.  So, when I started noticing trends in society and tried to put the pieces together, I recalled that Denzel had done this, and I realized he was a sell out.  I present the scene in question from Training Day below for your edification.  Pardon the French that they are using, but there was no way I could get around it.

Now it was bad enough that Denzel degraded himself once in the movie.  But imagine my surprise when I found this video on YouTube which a particular web site had linked to which featured Denzel using the N-word in the same manner that his character used it in Training Day.  Only this time he is saying it to David Letterman!

Don’t think for one minute that was a slip of the tongue.  You know Denzel is not stupid: he had to know that using the N-word on a late night television talk show would spoil his squeaky-clean image.  This is proof positive that Denzel is a sell out.  He does as he is told, just like everybody else in Hollywood.  If he did not, he might as well start looking for another job.  

By the way, did you notice that Denzel asked the rookie cop if he were “a Jesus freak” because he didn’t want to smoke that crack?  Denzel would argue that he was just portraying a character.  But believe me, children are greatly influenced by what they watch on television and in the movies, and this irreverent and blasphemous reference to the Lord Jesus is sure to have been imitated by some kid out there who wants to be cool and hard just like Denzel’s character.

This is why we should not make these people our role models.  There is not one actor in Hollywood that hasn’t compromised his morals in some way, and they have all contributed to the moral destruction of America.  For Mr. Washington’s part, he has earned a coveted spot on our list of Deceitful Workers.

So the next time you hear some kid use the N-word, you can thank among others, Mr. Denzel Washington.  

The Still Man

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