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Grace and peace.

We’ve added another video of Whitney Houston on our first article about her death.  It shows Whitney at age 17 singing on the Merv Griffith show.  You have got to see it.  She throws up so many signs and so often, that it blew my mind.  

Now I am not scouring the internet looking for dirt on Whitney Houston.  I was watching the Diane Sawyer interview with Whitney from 2002, when they showed a clip from that appearance on Merv Griffith, which clearly showed her throwing up hand signs.  I had to see the whole thing.

I believe that we have proven our contention that Whitney was involved in occult activities as well as her family.  This is not unusual, because witchcraft is an abomination to God and practicing witchcraft brings a generational curse upon the family.  So it was inevitable that Whitney Houston would practice witchcraft in some fashion.  

She may have wanted out and was killed for that reason, though I don’t know that for certain.  We can hope that before she drew her last breath, she returned to her first love, the Lord Jesus Christ.  I certainly hope she did.  I don’t plan to write anymore on Ms. Houston.  My heart goes out to her daughter.  

We need to pray for her daughter, because, as Whitney was likely involved in generational witchcraft, it is highly likely her daughter is carrying on the same tradition, and may very well be cursed with her mother’s problems.

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