Without Natural Affection

Grace and peace to the Body of the Lord Jesus, and greetings to those still in the world.

No doubt many of you have already seen this tragic story out of China involving a two-year-old girl who was mercilessly run over by not one, but two trucks in the middle of a street.  Incredibly, people just walked impassively by the bleeding child without even trying to help her.  After lying in the middle of the street for what seemed like at least 20 minutes, a lady pulled her to the side of the road and went from shop to shop asking for help and was told to mind her own business.

Eventually, the poor child was taken to the hospital, where she was reportedly in a coma. It is alleged that, if she lives, she will be in a vegetative state.  

This, dear children, is what Communism does to a society.  It sucks every ounce of compassion out of a people.  When the Light of Jesus is extinguished and supplanted with Godless atheism, man-worhipping Humanism, and chimp-blaming evolution; when man gets to decide who is OK and who is not OK; when man makes the rules instead of God, then brother you better hope you are in the majority, because if you are in the minority, you could end up like this little girl—or worse.

This story leaves many questions.  The person who posted the video said the little girl lived a mere 100 meters from where she was hit.  So, there’s a chance that she frequented that area.  If that were the case, then some of the shop owners may have known her.  I don’t buy the explanation that no one helped her because they were afraid it may have been a ploy to get money.  The reaction of the shop owners seemed to suggest that it was a bad idea for anyone to be seen helping that girl.  I wonder who her family were.  They may not have been very popular.  Worse, they may even have been Christians.  Is that a stretch?

Brethren, we have been given a taste of what the New World Order will be like.  A world where everyone just looks out for himself, and children have no value.  The Chinese, as you should know, are already living in the New World Order.

The media always portray China as a near-perfect society; a model of progress and efficiency.  China is made to look like a viable alternative to capitalistic America.  Lately, I have been seeing stories about Americans who prefer to live in China rather than in the U.S.  A few months ago, for instance, I read a story about an American who operates a restaurant in China where he sells his home made beer.  He was just smiling like China was the greatest place on earth.  Economically, it may very well be.

Yet this is the same China where couples are only allowed one child and often girls may be aborted in favor of a son.  This is the same China where the news ran a story a few months ago about a woman who kept her grown 40-something-year-old retarded son in a barn naked and chained to the wall.  This man should have been institutionalized and given the proper help.  But he wasn’t.  Do they not care about the disabled there?

China may be a model of efficiency, but a human soul obviously isn’t worth a dime there. You can always tell where a society is morally by how they treat the least of their people. And you know things are bad when the least treat the least—that is, the children—like dirt.

America is always made to look our worst in front of the rest of the world: Capitalism this, and Capitalism that.  But let me tell you something.  If that is what progress and efficiency look like…if that is what Communism looks like…Then I don’t want it.  At least in America there are some vestiges of Christianity left.  At least there are some scraps of morality left.  At least there are some morsels of decency left.  And it is to those vestiges…those scraps…those morsels, that I cling.  And I’ll cling to them tenaciously to the very end.

Saints, God wanted us to see this video.  God wanted us to know what is REALLY going on with China, morally.  And as you can see, it is not very pretty.  The problem is, that many Americans think that Godless Communism is a good thing.  But if they can do this to a helpless child, think what they can do to any one of us.  

True, we don’t have all of the facts.  But could there possibly be a good reason to treat this child so?

I’ve said it many times, Saints, and I’ll say it again: Witness, while there’s still time. America is fast becoming what you see in that video.  There are people right here in this country who are just as cruel, just as vicious, and just as apathetic as the people in that video.  Many of them are your neighbors.  BELIEVE ME.  Children in this country are being abused and murdered every day.  And it is getting worse.  The only chance to save this country, at least for a little while, is Jesus Christ.

And we must pray for the Chinese.

Pray, and hold fast to your children.

The Still Man


October 20, 2011.  Unfortunately, the little girl died today.  Oh, come quickly, Lord Jesus!


Copyright © 2011 Anthony Keeton, The Still Man ®.  All rights reserved.

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6 Responses to Without Natural Affection

  1. Sean says:

    Im not one to cry, but this brought a tear to my eye how could the driver just up and leave the little girl there on the street and whats worse all those people were walking by her like it was nothing, how could they do that she was just a wee litlle baby girl and how could those MONSTERS JUST WALK BY HER LIKE SHE WAS IN THE WAY ITS SICKENING, When the lady moved her out of the way i thought she was gonna take her to the hospital no she just moved her out of the street ftw is wrong with these people have they no heart. And i asume the lady who picked her up was her mother, who was watching the little girl, or was she left home alone, it she was its her mothers fault but the truck driver(s) and people who walked by her are to blame.

    what is wrong with the world how can anyone hurt a little girl and just leave her there to die it makes me so mad. I pray that the little girl doesnt suffer, i hope if she does make it she wont end up as a vegtible that is heart renching for any parent.

    • Sean says:

      opss i scrolled down after watching well at least she is with jesus….right she should be after all she was just a 2 year old…her poor mother must be heart broken..but if it as you say she prob might just have anouther like it was nothing

    • Unfortunately, Sean, the little girl did die. What a tragedy. The problem with China and a great part of civilization is that people are devoid of “natural affection” as the Bible calls the natural love that adults should have for innocent children. That’s because such an unconditional love only comes with a knowledge of Jesus Christ. Godless atheism cannot manufacture such a love, and this is why China is always held up before the world as a model of economy and efficiency and not a model of love and humanity. Without Jesus there can be no love.

  2. rachel says:

    Hello thanks for the inspiring story. I too believe that efficiency, consumerism, productivity and the very center of marketing are causing a downward spiral across the globe. People everywhere are forced to ignore their family, friends, neighbors, strangers all for the sake of a buck! In my opinion, China is ahead of us in that regard-they are worse off morally because they are so advanced technically and such. They do look out for number one. It is obvious in the way that they abort babies…AND NOW THIS. i’m sure there are things like this happening in america too on the same scale yet secretly. The government for instance slowly kills it’s own people everyday with drugs that are intended to cure the diseases the food (that happens to be made by the same corporations who make the cure) creates.

    I agree that people need prayer and help and to wake up!! I agree we should witness. The only thing I disagree with is that christianity is the ONLY way people will wake up. There are many ways. It all boils down to believing in something greater than ourselves…you may call it God, others call it the Universe. We cannot be so close minded in the way we think. God is merciful. So is the god referred to as the universe.

    The same thing Christian bibles say-so too do the buddhists…In fact, if we are to allow others to believe what helps them to live a life that puts others before them-even the smallest of creatures-then we are better off! We cant just push our religion on others…but youre right we can witness!! I am a little bit of everything. I definitely believe that jesus came because there is proof historically and I believe in a current that runs through everything…it is beautiful and undescribable in words..the closest i can come is through art.

    I feel as though focusing on the problems and tormenting people into fear and scaring them saying things like the new world order will dominate us all!! etc is unnecessary in a way. We should educate people on what is going on but i also think we should be careful how much emphasis we put on negative talk. When I went to a non denominational christian church i heard so much talk of the “devil”. Well, dont do this, friends…the devil is winning when you do this.

    The devil loooves to tempt you. The devil loves when you give in. I think it made me feel so much pressure to be perfect that i EVENTUALLY caved AND gave up entirely for a while!! i was what some call a backsliding christian. I think that is what is so flawed about Christianity. the fear factor. In Buddhism they teach us to meditate on the good things…wishing wellness and happiness to those. GRATEFULNESS for everything!! understanding. non-biased viewpoints….just experiencing things purely and knowing that everything is going to be fine…you see? It does feel better this way. I do my part but i also am not fearful for people- i know love is the only answer. it is greater than fear! or death or evil. 🙂

    I am happy this way so this works for me!!!! i can rejoice in the fact that god does exist but i do not need to “Save” people or make it a point to witness. I simply am a witness. also, when i felt that pressure to be perfect in christianity i caved and had sex (premarital) and felt such guilt i could not forgive myself even though i asked many times for forgiveness…I now have come to understand myself and realize the past is the past, not now. but that is only through meditation and reealization over time.

    Prayer and healing has the same effect I believe. I use that source…it’s the same invisible thread pulling everything along!! I rely on it as do you….People are ignoring their souls because they are wasting away with the meds and the productivity and so on and so forth. they are becoming zombies-literally. we have to pray for them 🙂 and ourselves to be able to withstand without becoming too sad! thank you for this piece. thank you for the peaceful words you wrote……Rachel, the gentle one.

    • Hello, gentle one. Thank you for your comment. Indeed, this incident in China underscores the effect Communism has on the human soul. They are a very progressive society, but the love of God has gone completely out of them. I’m pleased that you agree with this. Please permit me however, to address some points in your comment that deserve a thoughtful response. Your comments are in bold, followed by my response.

      “I agree that people need prayer and help to wake up!! I agree we should witness. The only thing I disagree with is that Christianity is the ONLY way people will wake up. There are many ways. It all boils down to believing in something in something greater than ourselves.”

      This is a very weighty statement, which I will address a little out of order. First, Rachel, Christianity is not the only way. Jesus is the only way. Christianity means different things to different people, just like Jesus means different things to different people.

      It is believed that He was a great prophet, a great moral teacher, an ascended master, even a magician. But did Jesus claim to be any of these things? No He didn’t. What, then, did He say about himself? He said, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life, no man cometh unto the Father but by me.” He also said that He was the Son of God and in fact the Almighty God. He said that He died to pay the price for our sins and that anyone who accepts this sacrifice for his sins will have eternal life.

      Now those who believe what Jesus said about Himself and accept His sacrifice for their sins are what the Bible calls Christians, and we believe Jesus when He said He is THE Way. For us, Jesus is that something you speak of as being greater than us.

      “You may call it God, others call it the Universe. We cannot be so close minded in the way we think. God is merciful. So is the god referred to as the universe.”

      It can be assumed by this statement that you’re a pantheist, as you refer to a merciful God and a god referred to as the universe. We are talking about two different entities. My God is a person and the only one of His kind. For you, god is a thing: one of many such things. And therein lies the problem: for if there are many gods and none is THE God, and all are equally valid, then you can choose whom you will and will not obey, or that you will obey them all, or that you will disobey them all.

      For any normal person, this would create a problem, because we cannot obey everyone; neither can we disobey everyone. How then, do we decide whom we will obey, especially if we believe they are all equally valid and are all equally the way? It becomes an exercise in subjectivity: we choose which we will obey and which we will disobey; and we choose which commandments we will accept and which we will reject. And what will be the basis of our decision? Feeling. If I like the commandment, I obey it; if I don’t, I reject it. This is what pantheism leads to: our own godhood, because in the end, we will do what we feel is best for us.

      “I definitely believe that Jesus came…”

      It is not enough to believe that Jesus came. The Bible says that the devils believe and tremble. They know Jesus is God. But they will not obey Him. But, you don’t believe that He is the Way; neither do you believe that He is God Almighty. And if you won’t believe He is God, then you will not feel compelled to obey Him. This is unfortunate, because He said that those who will not accept Him as their Savior are lost and condemned to an eternity in Hell. He is merciful, but His mercy has a limit. If His mercy had no limit, He could not be Just. And there would be no punishment for evil.

      The rebellious only want God’s mercy, because they want to stay in their sin. If I really want to stop sinning, then all I need to know is that He is merciful enough to forgive me, and merciful enough to forgive me when I make mistakes after I’m forgiven. But I won’t be so unrighteous as to expect Him to continue to forgive me when I’m sinning indiscriminately. Any good parent will forgive his child for messing up, but he will not stand for that child to continue doing the same things over and over again just because the parent is forgiving. But this is exactly what disobedient people expect.

      “I feel as though focusing on the problems and tormenting people into fear and scaring them saying things like the new world order will dominate us all!!! Etc is unnecessary in a way.”

      Rachel, the New World Order is real and it is here, whether we like it or not. Any thinking person can see this. There are many, many sources of information on this subject, but few will tell you about the religious nature of it. For behind the New World Order is a religion. I came to know Jesus Christ by studying the New World Order. Anyone who does the research will see the satanic nature of it. I did not set out to find Jesus Christ. I set out to find out the reasons for what I saw going on around me. Once I saw the satanic elements in it, I was left with the inescapable conclusion that Satan is real, and if he is real, then so must Jesus be. This was a logical, not spiritual conclusion.

      If hearing about the New World Order scares you, this is good, because the New World Order will be very scary. It will be the Inquisition, Nazi Germany, Stalinist Russia, and every other horror all wrapped up into one. And it will be world wide. And believe me when I tell you that if you will not bow down to the God the Antichrist will put before you, you will die. But if you know Jesus, you will ultimately live. If you do bow down to his god, you will live, but will spend eternality in Hell, which is an eternal death. Thus saith the Lord.

      Telling people about the devil is one of the most loving things you can do for a person. If there is a huge wall directly around a blind corner on a street where the speed limit is 75 mph, the best thing you can do for a person is warn him. If you try to be “politically correct” or charitable in describing the danger to a person, it likely will not make enough of an impression on him to make him turn around. This is because we are hardheaded by nature. We hate to be told what to do, even if it is for our own benefit. But if you describe the danger in real terms, it makes an impact. If a danger is horrible enough, you don’t have to embellish it in any way. The result of hitting a wall at 75 mph is horrible enough. So is Hell. Even if telling the plain truth doesn’t make an impact on a person, at least I will know that I didn’t gloss it over. I’m telling you that you are going down the highway at 75 mph and the wall is coming up fast.

      There is so much that you brought up, but I can’t address all of it. What I will say is this: If you truly believe that there is more than one way, and that they are all valid, then I would challenge you to try Jesus Christ. Not “Christianity.” Jesus. If you would decide to give Him a try, to believe in Him as strongly as you believe in everything else, I guarantee that He will make a huge impact on your life.

      I challenge you to do this. But you must admit that you are a sinner; that you’ve made mistakes. We all have! You don’t have to be perfect. God didn’t ask you to be. Jesus was perfect for us and when He died for our sins, he agreed to pass on His perfection to us, if we would only let him. It’s not about being perfect. It’s about understanding that God will only accept Jesus as our Savior, because only He did what God wanted Him to do. We haven’t nor can we ever.

      That was the purpose of God giving us the Ten Commandments. He was showing us what righteousness is to Him, so that we can say, “Man, I can’t do this!” When we realize that we can never be “good enough” to satisfy God, but we want to please Him, then we will say, “God, I can’t do this! I try, and try, and try, but I just keep falling short. But I want to see you. I want to go to Heaven. What, Father, do I do now? And He will tell you. “Come through my Son, Rachel. He kept all my Commandments, and I will accept His obedience on your behalf.” That’s what Christianity is really all about!

      Rachel, I love you, and I want to see you in Heaven with me. Please give Jesus a chance. Click here if you accept my challenge.

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