Warning To All Christian Bloggers and Websites

Grace and peace.

To All Christian Bloggers and Webmasters who use the WP-Bible plugin: It is inserting a message on every page where you have inserted Bible verses.  The message reads, “Izbrano poglavje ne obstaja!” It turns out that this is Slovenian for “The Selected Issue Does Not Exist.”

I discovered this phenomenon while checking entries in my statistics software.  I clicked on a link to a post a visitor had viewed, which was listed under a tag.  The above phrase appeared in the abbreviated content heading for some posts, but not for others. I then discovered that it only appears on pages that have a Scripture verse, because the plugin only runs on those pages.

I ran a google search for the term which brought up around 240,000 hits, the majority of which were Christian websites and blogs, and they all begin with this phrase followed by “WP-Bible Plugin.”  I then ran an internet translation program on the phrase, which produced the above translation.

The message will not come up when you call up or edit a webpage.  In my case, it only came up in my statistics program when I clicked on visitor entry that was under a tag, when I clicked on the “Post Tags” in Dashboard, and when I ran a google search for the phrase.  It must in some way be keyed to a search engine.

The programmer who created the plugin may just be a practical joker, but if he is a malicious hacker who dislikes Christians, he has found a beautiful way to find all Christian websites running his plugin to which he could do whatever he likes.

Than again, maybe this is something that plugin developers do to track how many people are actually using their software, as opposed to how many people have downloaded it.

Even so, it would have been nice to have known about it beforehand, rather than finding out about it the way I did.  I don’t like the idea that a program is doing something I don’t know anything about.  Then again they probably all do.

Watch and pray, Saints.  The enemy has a lot of tricks up his sleeve.

The Still Man

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