R.I.P. Rev. James Moore

Grace and peace, Saints.

I have been listening to this man for about three years on a gospel CD I have.  He’s singing with Dr. Bobby Jones and New Life and the name of the song is “He’s Sweet I Know.”  That song moved me so much that I had to find out more about this man.  

I found a lot of his music on YouTube and have been listening for about four hours now.  I had to share this with the Body of Christ.  This man can move me like no other gospel singer can.

To my great sadness and joy, I found out that he’s gone on to meet the Lord.  R.I.P. brother James.  Your music is still touching us.  This is gospel folks.  Enjoy.

Lord, what a beautiful song.  This ain’t no Mary, Mary, Kirk Franklin stuff.

This man was blind and deathly ill and he still praised Jesus with all his might.  Did you see the faces of the people?  Tears, praising…that’s what REAL gospel music does to you! That’s because the power of worldly music is in the beat, while the power of Gospel music…REAL gospel music, is in the words and the Spirit.

Now, if that don’t move you…if that don’t MOVE you, you need to check your pulse and see if you’re still alive.  

If you liked that one, wait until you hear what they did with Psalm 91 below.  Just beautiful.

You should also listen to the one entitled “When The Praises Go Up.”  That one really blessed my soul.

Let this music encourage you, Saints.  Dark times are coming.  Let this music remind us why we are in this fight.

The Still Man

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