Occult Symbology and the Christian Church

Grace and peace to the brethren and greetings to the unsaved.

As some of you may be aware if you have followed this site since its start a few months ago, as well as doctrinal issues, some current events, and whatever the Spirit moves us to talk about, we have also from time to time touched on the ancient pagan religion of Babylon.  This is because the symbology associated with this religion is more prevalent today than in any other time since the Dark Ages.

With the Protestant Reformation, the world came out of the Dark Ages and was again filled with the knowledge of God and of His Savior, Jesus Christ.  And once again, as it did upon the death of the great rebel Nimrod, paganism went underground were it was kept alive through the secret societies, fraternal organizations, and other groups.  But it was always their intent to resurface once again and indoctrinate the newer generations with their poisonous practices.

The pagans began to resurface and infiltrate key areas of power and influence including the educational establishment, our military, law enforcement, the government, and most especially the entertainment business and the media.  Slowly they began a “silent war” or quiet revolution, the goal of which was to destroy the Christian religion and any faith in the Almighty God and supplant that faith with the worship of Lucifer, the Fallen Angel, who we know as Satan.

As we drifted ever farther from God, the vestiges of the old pagan worship began to surface in the form of symbols.  The pyramid, the five- and six-pointed star, the ankh, the obelisk, the broken cross (peace sign), and other symbols became ubiquitous to the extent they became associated with ordinary areas of life.  

During WWII a strange hand sign appeared in the so-called “v” for “victory” sign made famous by Winston Churchill.  After a brief slumber, this hand sign again appeared in the 60’s, now supposedly meaning peace.  Gradually other signs such as the familiar El Diablo/Il Carnuto, the “hang loose” sign, and others began to appear.  These hand signs, which formerly had only been used as covert communication by initiates of the pagan religions, became widely used by the “profane.”

Even many Christians used them.  Most had no idea what they were really saying, but their use by the uninitiated lent an air of legitimacy to them.  This actually helped the pagans because one could no longer be certain that someone using such a hand sign was into the occult.

And now in the 21st Century the pagans have literally infiltrated every aspect of society. No area of existence is free from their influence.  Hollywood pushes their amoral values, the media glamorize their sordid lifestyle, the fashion industry peddles their scandalous clothing, and the educational system parrots their religion. Pagan terminology is now a permanent part of the English lexicon.  Did you know, for instance, that the terms “more power to you” and “may the force be with you” were initially used only between witches? It’s true.

Masonic Church of Christ

Now the pagans have succeeded in taking over many of our churches.  They have always been there, but now, for the first time we can see that they are conquering them.  They haven’t conquered the True Church, which consists of the true followers of Jesus Christ, and they will never conquer her.  Jesus said that the gates of hell shall not prevail against her.  The Bible says that the church will possess the earth and all the world’s kingdoms.

That doesn’t mean that we should just sit back and be complacent as we see Satan moving on our churches.  We should warn the Body of Christ of Satan’s devices.  That is why I included the information on the symbology of Mystery Babylon.  I thought that it would help Christians to be able to recognize symbols when they see them.

But I’ve come to realize that the enemy is using the subject of symbology and the ancient religion of Babylon to lead the church astray.

Yesterday for example, I followed a link on YouTube to a video by G. Craig Lewis.  As you may know, Lewis often preaches on the occult influences in the Hip Hop industry.  As I was watching one of his videos he suddenly flashed very obviously the el diablo, horned-devil sign.  I was shocked.  I rewound it several times to be sure that I really saw that, and, sure enough, I did.  Now my reaction wasn’t based solely on this one action.  I had seen him flash the three-six sign (also called the “three rings) a couple of times before in this same video, but I gave him the benefit of the doubt.  I see occult influence in so many areas of life, that I have sometimes wondered if in my zeal for truth, I am only seeing what I want to see.  But I am not.  The occult really is that prevalent.  The Bible says the world will worship the Beast.  And the people are already primed for him to make his appearance.

Now, since I made this discovery, I wondered if anyone else had noticed the same thing. It turned out that others had also noticed him flashing satanic hand signs and posted videos showing him doing it.  On one video, for instance, he flashes the three-sixes sign (the “OK” sign) several times during his message:


Now the problem is this:  C. Craig Lewis tells a lot of truth about the occult, but most of what he says has already been said by others.  For example, what Christian doesn’t know by now that Satan controls the music industry (including most Gospel music) and that most, if not all, of your favorite music artists and Gospel singers worship Satan (or Lucifer)?

Chris Brown flashes covert satanic El Diablo sign


































Any Winehouse pays homage to Satan

Whitney Houston throws up the Satanic El Diablo hand sign.

Kirk Franklin covertly declares his allegiance to Satan

What Christian doesn’t know by now that Satan totally owns and controls the Hollywood entertainment industry and that most, if not all, of your favorite celebrities worship Satan?

What Christian doesn’t know by now that Satan totally owns and controls the sports industry and that most, if not all, of your favorite sports heros worship Satan?

Dennis Rodman flashes satanic El Diablo sign

Rick Patino flashes the satanic El Diablo sign

Usain Bolt flashes satanic El Diablo sign at the IAAF World Athletics Championships - Osaka 2007 - Nagai Stadium

This explains a lot, doesn’t it?

















Who woulda thunk it?







What Christian doesn’t know by now that Satan totally owns and controls the government, politics and the military and that most, if not all, of our politicians, royalty, and top military brass worship Satan?

Sargent Shriver, father of Maria Shriver, flashes a covert El Diablo sign

Prince William flashes satanic El Diablo sign






General Dempsey flashes satanic El Diablo sign







So what does it profit the Church of Jesus Christ to continue to beat this dead horse?  We should know by now that if it is of the world, it is of Satan.  We cannot partake of heaven and of hell.  We cannot drink the cup of the Lord, and the cup of devils.

If you are a Christian who watches TV or listens to secular music, you are in danger (as was I), because not only do these artists worship Satan (or Lucifer), but many, if not most, blaspheme Jesus Christ in their music.  Yesterday for example, I was listening to the radio and a certain song by The Notorious B.I.G. came on.  I don’t normally listen to the radio for enjoyment, but for the past eight months I had developed a routine of listening to it during my morning workout.  Certain songs are easy to workout to because of their rhythm.  But there is a danger in this, as I discovered yesterday.  It happened on this wise:

While I was working out, a song by Biggie Smalls came on called “Hypnotize.”  Anyone who has heard this song knows that it has a nice beat and if you can imagine it, you can see how its rhythm is perfectly suited to certain workout movements.  So, I’m working out and listening to the music, when I think I hear the word, Jesus.  In fact, I know I hear the word, Jesus.  Instantly, I get up and turn the radio off, and I reflect on the fact that as a Christian, I can’t even listen to this music when I’m working out, because just about all of it blasphemes the name of Jesus.

So this morning I got on the internet to search for the lyrics to the song to see if I really heard Biggie Smalls say the name of Jesus.  Sure enough, he did.  Here is the line that has the irreverent reference to our Lord:

“So I just speak my piece, keep my peace,
Cubans with the Jesus piece, with my peeps…”

Now, the Bible tells us not to take the name of the Lord in vain, for to do so, is an abomination unto the Lord.  Biggie is not paying homage to Jesus, and if you were to hear the rest of the lyrics to the song, you would know that to associate the name of Jesus Christ with a song like that is blasphemy of the highest order.  I did not know that the song was so filthy until I actually read the lyrics today.  They set the lyrics to a really nice beat, and there lies the problem, because the beat stays in your head long after the song is over.  And if the beat is in your head, the words are too.  This is happening on a spiritual as well as a physical and emotional level.  It has Satan written all over it.

I had to ask our Lord for forgiveness and to help me attempt to sever all secular music (except classical) from my life.  I hadn’t listened to it regularly since I got saved, but I realize now that even in minute doses, secular music is poison to the soul.

Even a lot of jazz music is bad.  A couple months ago, I started keeping my radio tuned to a local jazz station and would listen to it passively in the background as I went about my tasks.  Though there is not a lot of profanity, the themes of the songs are often troubling. There’s talk of infidelity, gratuitous sex, self-reliance (and not dependence on God), and just evil. There is even a song entitled “I’m An Evil Man.”

So, I’ve come to realize that I can’t listen to any secular music, because it does not glorify Jesus Christ.  It could also plant unGodly thoughts in your head.  All Christians should endeavor to leave off secular music altogether.

Now getting back to the subject, if we as Christians know that TV, movies, sports, and music have all been tainted by Satan, then we should expect that all these will contain material that we ought not expose ourselves to.  We should also expect that the people who make television programs, movies, music, and sports are not Godly people.  So, there is no need for pastors to spend a great deal of time showing us people in the entertainment business making satanic hand signs or using backwards masking to implant satanic lyrics in their music.  If we know that movies and music are satanic, we should avoid them at all cost.  So, there is no need for this ministry.  Yet ministries such as C. Craig Lewis’ have sprung up all over the Christian landscape.  And many divert our attention away from the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world of the occult.  This ought not to be.

Consequently, it has become an obsession for many Christians to devote an inordinate amount of time listening to music trying to detect and decipher hidden messages, or to watch movies attempting to find occult symbols.  They then post these songs and movie clips on YouTube to supposedly warn the Christian community.  But if you pay attention, you can see that many of these “ministries” have an occult agenda, and have nothing to do with the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  They only exist to mislead and distract Christians and divert their attention from the truth unto fables.  Even those with good intentions are unwittingly serving the same purpose.

Unknowingly, I too was helping to further this effort, but I have eliminated most of the material dealing with the occult leaving only those such as The Occult Significance of the Norway Shooting, which edify the Body of Christ and admonish us to watch in all things. Christians should not study the occult; rather we should study the Word of God.  We should also study our pastors and ministers to make sure that they teach the Truth.  The closer we walk with God, the better we will be able to discern what is not of God.

An example of an occult knowledge that edifies is the following.  There is a hand sign that is popping up all over the place.  It is used by movie stars, singers, musicians, and others. Here are some examples.  Notice the two middle fingers:

























































Football great Aaron Rogers displays occult handsign


"Der Fuhrer" flashes occult handsign


Rapper Big Krit flashes occult handsign


Bonnie Bentley flashes occult handsign

Christopher Columbus displays occult handsign

Prince William and Kate flash occult handsigns

Elvis flashes occult handsign

Tina Turner flashes occult handsign

Swizz Beats flashes occult handsign

Up and coming tennis pro Sloane Stevens flashes occult handsign

Richard M. Nixon flashes occult handsign

Michelle Obama flashes occult handsign

The First Lady flashes occult hand sign

Regis flashes cult of mary hand sign


Pope Benedict flashes covert occult sign
















Pope Benedict XVI flashes decidedly un-Christian handsigns

Pope Benedict XVI flashes occult hand sign

Occult hand sign in Chick tract, Why is Mary Crying?


A Catholic saint flashes an occult hand sign

The Virgin Mary and the child “Jesus” flash an occult hand sign

It also shows up in famous paintings:


Michelangelo’s “The Creation of Adam”

Look closer at the fingers:

Occult hand signs in Michelangelo’s “Creation of Adam”

This hand sign and the handsign of the triple six (the “OK” sign) are also very prevalent in another famous painting.  Note the hands of nearly all the women as well and some of the men:


“Apotheosis of French soldiers fallen in the Napoleonic Wars,” by Anne-Louis Girodet de Roussy-Trioson,


Now the photo above of Madonna is highly suggestive of the true meaning of this hand sign.  Below is a photo of Baphomet, considered by some the god of Freemasonry. Notice that he also is holding up two fingers on each hand.  More importantly, however, is the position of his arms.  Coincidence?


While Baphomet may explain why most all popes have been depicted holding up the first two fingers, it doesn’t explain the mystery of the two middle fingers.   

Charles Whitman






Now, for a bit of history.  On August 1, 1966, a former marine and student at the University of Texas at Austin named Charles Joseph Whitman went on a shooting rampage from the observation deck of the university’s tower killing 16 people and wounding 32 others.

One of the victims, Karen Griffith, died from her wounds a week after the shooting. This too has meaning.

The massacre happened shortly after Whitman allegedly murdered his wife and mother at their homes. Whitman was killed by Austin Police Officer Houston McCoy, assisted by Austin Police Officer Ramiro Martinez. Below is a photo of Whitman’s body. Notice his middle fingers.

Charles Whitman after being killed by police.

Is it merely a coincidence that the position of Whitman’s fingers mirrors that of the others, especially since he was dead when this picture was taken?  You see, we should not necessarily study occult symbology, but we had better know when something is rotten in Denmark.  

Click here to learn more about the ancient Babylonian origins of this hand sign as well as another, both of which are grounded in the worship of Queen Semiramis, the wife of Nimrod.  Semiramis is today known to most of the world as the Virgin Mary.

Be encouraged and look up; your redemption draweth nigh.

The Still Man

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    I keep reading about this sing what is it exaclty i thought it was the peace sign like those hippy people did in the 60s

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    Minister G. Craige Lewis never said that Jesus was a black man. Do some better research please. God bless

    • You may want to read the article again, Ashley. I didn’t say that C. Craige Lewis said that Jesus was a black man. I said that the person who posted the YouTube video on C. Craig Lewis believes that Jesus was a black man.

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