Five-Year-Old-Boy Molested by Kindergarten Classmates

Grace and peace to my brethren in the Lord and greetings to those still in darkness.

In case you think that the proliferation of the homosexual lifestyle in Hollywood, the media, and the educational system isn’t affecting our young ones, think again.  Last month, a five-year-old boy was molested by his kindergarten classmates.  Apparently, they held the little boy on the floor, pulled his pants down, and performed digital insertion on the helpless child.

Besides emotional trauma, according to the boy’s mother, he has also suffered some gender confusion and was afraid to return to school.  Thankfully, he was allowed to transfer to another school as a safety concern. 

This dear child is going to need a lot of psychological counseling.  

Folks, the sodomites in Sodom and those spoken of in Judges Chapter 19 both organized themselves into vicious gangs and tried to forcibly rape a heterosexual male.  The media, which cater to homosexuals, have gone to great lengths to make their sordid lifestyle appear peaceful, caring, and loving.  But the Bible is clear on just how perverted they truly are.  That’s why they hate the King James Bible, because it hits them where they live, and convicts them of their abominable sin.  

This little boy could easily have been your child or mine.  We should not be afraid to speak out against homosexuality and we should witness to homosexuals whenever possible.  Some of them no doubt desperately want out of their prison of immorality, but have been told that they were “born that way” and that there is no way out.  But my Bible tells me that anyone can become a new creature through Jesus Christ (2 Corinthians 5:17).  

Homosexuals are working feverishly to silence Christians’ witness by getting soul-winning declared as hate speech and the Bible as hate literature.  We must witness to homosexuals and warn the Body of Christ before its too late.

The Still Man

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