Inside Mecca

Grace and peace, Saints.

I found a very interesting documentary on Islam told from the perspective of three Muslim pilgrims (a black African, an Indonesian, and a white American) who make their way to Mecca to observe the Hajj.  Besides being very well done and informative, if you pay attention, this video reveals some interesting doctrinal comparisons and contrasts between Islam and Christianity that show why the two are irreconcilable.  

The Hajj is an incredible logistical feat.  I can’t think of anything that quite matches its scope besides perhaps the Olympic Games.  Unfortunately, as you will see, it illustrates that Islam, like all other religions except Christianity, is works-based, though much emphasis is placed on faith.


I found the video extremely educational.  I hope you will too.


Be encouraged and look up; your redemption draweth nigh.

The Still Man

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