Animal Rights and the New World Order

Grace and peace, saints.

Since I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior and understood that many of the fantastic things going on in the world are actually a part of Biblical prophecy, I have always tried to view the world in the context of the Bible.

I know, for instance, that the goal of the ecumenical movement is to unite all churches into a One World Church under the pope.  So when I see events such as the Episcopal parish that wants to join the Catholic Church, I understand that this is a fulfillment of Biblical prophecy.  When the media accused Norway shooter Anders Breivik of being a “Christian fundamentalist,” I understood that this was a part of the prophesied great persecution of the Christian Church.  I also understand where various movements like the environmental movement fit into the Biblical picture.

What I could never understand, however, was what role animal activism played in prophetic events.  I know that Satan likes to take the word of God and twist it to suit his purposes, so I thought that this unnatural affinity and reverence for animals was merely Satan profaning God’s commandment.  For God said:

“Every moving thing that liveth shall be meat for you; even as the green herb have I given you all things” (Genesis 9:3).

According to the Bible then, every animal on the face of the earth is suitable for consumption, including dogs and cats—animals that we have come to think of more as friends and family than food.  Yet God’s Word is clear:  dogs and cats are edible.

Don’t get me wrong: I am in no way suggesting that keeping a dog or cat as a pet is going against the Bible, and I don’t think God disapproves of the practice.  After all, dogs have more than proven themselves invaluable in many capacities, and in the case of the disabled, they are not only viable as companions, but are also a means for them to maintain some kind of independence.  And the soothing and comforting qualities of cats have made them an ideal companion for the infirm, the elderly, and those who live alone.

But the animal rights movement has gone so far in their activism that they seem almost to be trying to win the same rights for animals that human beings enjoy.  Listen to this statement from PETA, the animal rights organization:

“People often ask if animals should have rights, and quite simply, the answer is ‘Yes!’”

They go on to explain that, by this, they mean “animals deserve to live their lives free from suffering and exploitation.”

But they also make the following statement:

“Only prejudice allows us to deny others the rights that we expect to have for ourselves.”

This seems to suggest that animals are entitled to civil rights—just like human beings.

They go on to identify animals with groups such as blacks and women by suggesting that they are being similarly discriminated against:

“Whether it’s based on race, gender, sexual orientation or species, prejudice is morally unacceptable. If you wouldn’t eat a dog, why eat a pig? Dogs and pigs have the same capacity to feel pain, but it is prejudice based on species that allows us to think of one animal as a companion and the other as dinner.”

According to this statement, they believe that those who eat pigs and cows, but not dogs, are discriminating against those animals, and violating their rights!  And they don’t base animals’ entitlement to civil rights on their capacity to reason or talk, but on their ability to suffer.

“Suffering [is] the vital characteristic that gives a being the right to equal consideration. The capacity for suffering is not just another characteristic like the capacity for language or higher mathematics.

“All animals have the ability to suffer in the same way and to the same degree that humans do. They feel pain, pleasure, fear, frustration, loneliness and motherly love. Whenever we consider doing something that would interfere with their needs, we are morally obligated to take them into account.

So the decision to eat or not to eat animals is no longer simply a matter of personal preference, but a moral consideration.

This next statement goes even further:

“Supporters of animal rights believe that animals have an inherent worth – a value completely separate from their usefulness to humans. We believe that every creature with a will to live has a right to live free from pain and suffering.”

Do not mistake what they are implying here.  A will is a human characteristic and entails the ability to choose and to distinguish right and wrong.  This statement redefines animal behavior from what was previously thought of as instinctual to intentional and effectively makes an animal not an animal, but a person.  The next statement makes it crystal clear that this is exactly what they have in mind:

“Animal rights is not just a philosophy – it is a social movement that challenges society’s traditional view that all non-human animals exist solely for human use.

“As PETA’s managing director, Ingrid E. Newkirk has said, ‘When it comes to pain, love, joy, loneliness and fear, a rat is a pig is a dog is a boy. Each one values his or her life and fights the knife.'”

By calling animal rights a social movement, they are comparing it to the civil rights movement and the fight for women’s suffrage.  Social movements involve people, so by considering animal rights a social movement, they are calling it a human rights issue. Moreover, by grouping a human boy with a rat, a pig, and a dog, Newkirk is putting us all on the same level.  This is unscriptural, because God clearly distinguishes man from animals and has given man the dominion over animals:

“All that moveth upon the earth, and upon all the fishes of the sea; into your hand are they delivered” (Genesis 9:2b).

Besides having major implications for society, this actually has prophetic significance.  There are two possible scenarios that could occur whether the animal rights agenda is realized or not, simply because it has become such a major issue:

If the animal rights movement succeeds in gaining civil rights for animals and they become legal persons, then it could be considered murder to kill an animal and cannibalism to eat an animal.  This sounds fantastic, but it is totally possible given the great strides the animal rights movement has made in the past decade.  I don’t believe such a law would be accepted internationally, but countries that signed a United Nations resolution in this regard could accept it.  There are a number of U.N. resolutions that have not been accepted by all the member states, but are enforced in those countries that have accepted and signed the resolution.

The prophetic significance of this is that Daniel 8:12 tells us that the Jews will again practice animal sacrifice:

“And a host was given him (the Antichrist) against (in preparation for) the daily sacrifice by reason of transgression, and it (the host) cast down the truth to the ground; and it practiced and prospered” (Daniel 8:12).

A host in this sense means a group of priests whose commission will be to begin the sacrifice of animals again for sin atonement; for, as we know, the Jews reject Jesus as the Last Sacrifice.  That is what is meant by, “casting the truth to the ground.”  The practice of animal sacrifice is denying that Jesus Christ’s sacrifice on the cross was sufficient atonement for sins.

Now the devil has always demonized the Jews and gotten the support of the people before he tried to kill them.  In Germany, the Jews were blamed for the hated treaty of Versailles and they were accused of being the authors of the Protocols of Zion and the founders of international Communism.  All this was to turn international opinion against the Jews in preparation for the great “cleansing” perpetrated by the Nazis.

In America, the media has for years launched its own assault on the Jews.  They are constantly accused of being the true power in the world and ultimately responsible for all of its problems.  More recently the Jews have received bad press over the issue of circumcision, which is portrayed in the media as a barbarous and satanic practice.


Now, if animal rights gains worldwide acceptance—and there is every reason to believe it will—then when the Jews start practicing animal sacrifice again, then the whole world could be against them.  We know this could happen because the Bible says that in the middle of the seven-year agreement the Antichrist will make with Israel (a tenet of which will be their permission to practice animal sacrifice) he will renege on his word (Daniel 9:27), and put a halt to the sacrifices.  This will coincide with the Antichrist placing an idol in the Jewish Holy of Holies (Daniel 11:31).  His change of heart could ostensibly be a result of worldwide outrage at the practice of animal sacrifice.

It is conceivable that Americans can be beguiled into turning against the Jews for animal sacrifice.  It has been said that Hitler offered to let America take the Jews and America refused, though I cannot substantiate this.  If anti-Jewish rhetoric increases, and Americans continue in their militant zeal for animal rights, one can see the possibility of this scenario.

Even if animal rights does not succeed, there is still the potential for trouble.  If the idea that humans are merely higher-evolved animals ever gains public and God forbid, legislative acceptance, cannibalism can be legalized.  After all, if human beings are merely a species of animal, and it is legal to eat all kinds of animals, then it should be technically OK to eat humans.  This is barbarous, but under these circumstances, totally conceivable.  The likelihood of this scenario is increased by the fact that cannibalism is actually being discussed in the public forum.

This would agree with Scripture, for Daniel 8:25 says that the Antichrist will cause witchcraft to prosper, meaning it will be government approved.  Since witchcraft is a religion, and human sacrifice is a practice of witchcraft, then human sacrifice could become a religious privilege—with government sanction. 

Think about it: if the Jews are allowed to sacrifice animals for religious reasons, and if human beings are also animals, then technically witches could also be allowed to sacrifice humans as a religious privilege.  All that is needed is:

1.  For witchcraft to gain legislative acceptance as a religion. This is almost the case.  Military and prison chaplains receive training in Wicca so they can minister to witches.  The military and prisons are taxpayer funded and this means that the government recognizes it.  And since we pay taxes, it essentially means we do too.

If this seems a stretch to you, consider that the United States Air Force Academy recently dedicated an $80,000 outdoor pagan worship center.  The dedication was presided over by two witches.  Convinced?

2.  For witchcraft to gain public acceptance as a religion. With the success of Harry Potter and Twilight, and all the witchcraft programming on T.V., witchcraft is already enjoying enormous public approval.  This is because the majority of the public has no idea that human sacrifice is a major part of witchcraft.

3.  For humans to be considered just another species of animal.  This is being taught to our children every day in anthropology classes all over America, and being reinforced by Hollywood, the media, the Discovery Channel, and in many of our churches through evolution theology.  Just a cursory glance at most of our children and one will plainly see that they have bought into it.

4.  For animals to be granted human rights.

Now do you understand all the media coverage and movies about animals like chimpanzees, gorillas, and dolphins that exhibit human qualities?  Now do you understand the wave after wave of news stories lately about animals attacking human beings?  The one thing that has differentiated humans from animals is our capacity for senseless violence.  Animals, on the other hand, have always been seen as instinctual creatures that only kill for food and to defend their young.  With the media’s coverage of unprovoked attacks on human beings, however, people will soon begin to see animals as indiscriminate killers—just like us.  There will soon be no difference between the two.  And that will play right into the puppet masters’ hands.

All this is frightening when you consider that the Bible says the Antichrist will “cause craft (witchcraft) to prosper.”  He will give it his seal of approval.  Then it will be Hell on earth.

I hope that you now understand the danger of the animal rights movement.  Humanizing animals de-humanizes human beings.  I also hope you understand that it is actually a fulfillment of Biblical prophecy.  From now on, when you see an animal related story in the media, consider it in the context of Biblical prophesy.  You may come to believe that animal rights is not such a good idea after all.

The first rabbinically-approved Jewish sacrifice in over 1500 years was performed in June of this year in Israel.  My thanks to Craig Boliek for providing that information.  It’s coming down to the wire, folks.

If you are reading this and you do not have a relationship with Jesus Christ, but you have come to realize that if the Bible is right about Jewish sacrifices starting up again in Israel, then it is probably right when it says that Jesus is the Christ—the only way to salvation. And if the Bible is right about that, then it is also right about God’s coming judgment on this sinful world.

If you want to escape that, plus have the added bonus of peace in this life and the assurance of spending an eternity with Jesus Christ free of want, pain, sadness, or loneliness, then click here.

Be encouraged and look up; your redemption draweth nigh.

The Still Man


Copyright © 2011 Anthony Keeton, The Still Man ®.  All rights reserved.

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11 Responses to Animal Rights and the New World Order

  1. Ninaha says:

    Madness! I guess these animal rights activists watched too much Disney as children BECAUSE to them apparently, animals talk, walk upright, eat at the dinner table with knife and fork, read the newspaper while drinking a cup of joe and smoking a pipe on saturday morning with their bathrobe and slippers on!

    • Absolutely. The Bible says in 2 Timothy 3 that in the last days, people would have all sorts of “unnatural affections.” Without question, this rabid affinity for animals falls into this category.

  2. fi says:

    Hello im sure what you said contained some sense tho I didn’t have time to read all of it properly;- but it seemed to. I agree that humans created by God are NOT animals. HOWEVER, although animals are not humans they are ALSO created by God and its clear that God wants us to respect them, show them compassion and treat them well. There are quite a few examples in the OT where God asks that we show compassion to animals- do not muzzle a working ox ( in other words let it eat as it gets hungry and needs sustenance too) is one I can think of. Originally God had us be VEGANS ( that means using no animal part to eat or use) it was only after the Fall that an animal was killed and sacrifice began because of our sin. In the end God tells us the Lion will lie down wth the lamb. In Genesis before the Fall animals were beautiful, wonderful beings that God had created- so much so that God offered up to Adam to choose among the animals for a suitable companion. Although Adam did not find the ”perfect” mate and subsequently Eve was created from Adam’s side, it still shows that animals capacity for COMPANIONSHIP with Adam ( humans) was known to God AND Adam. At this point they were NOT food, they only became a possibility for food AFTER we sinned. Another point about sacrifice is that what we sacrifice IS a sacrifice ONLY BECAUSE INTRINSICALLY it HAS VALUE and giving it up is difficult precisely because of its innate WORTH. And animals, capable of companionship, loyalty and warmth, able to feel and know and relate and who are sentient as God made them to be- are sacrificed sometimes precisely because of this treasure chest of worth that they have. But a sacrifice should be something that we value and treat well- AND THEN we sacrifice it. The very opposite is happening in the modern world. We are treating these beautiful, God-created highly sentient beings ( who God in the OT asked US to treat with respect and compassion) in absolutely insanely cruel and torturing ways. In their millions they are SKINNED ALIVE ( that is not a sacrifice, that is a COMPLETE DISREGARD for their value- the opposite of a sacrifice) and forced to lie in ONE position WITHOUT being able to move for 2 and a hlaf years ( thats the dry sow stall where highly intellegent pigs are made to lie on concrete between bars while their bodies bulge through the bars- can you IMAGINE the pain, discomfort or distress, boredom or fear ??? And these are God-created beings who God has asked us to show compassion towards as long as they live, even if we must eat them ( which was God’s concession to us for our sin, and not His original mandate)

    Animals in their MILLIONS suffer unbelievably. Pigs are boiled ALIVE routinely in western meat factories- it takes over a minute before they either boil or drown and their screams and terror are heart-rending. I am a bible-believing christian and it is heart-breaking to know that this is going on 24/7. What is even harder is knowing that God has compassion on these creatures and wants us to also. But unfortuneately christian scriptures are often misused to imply that this ”ok” and God doesnt mind, He kind of wants us to eat meat. The truth though is that He ALLOWS us to eat meat -- but it should be done with compassion and respect for the fact that animals are God-created and have value and that this is literally a sacrifice of something that has WORTH- and as such it should be treated so. Until it dies it should not be made to suffer in agony or terror- but these are PRECISELY the conditions of mass-breeding modern factory farms- so why are we as Christians condoning this cruelty, when God implicitly, and at times explicitly forbids it and would have us show compassion?

    I would suggest that because as Christians we focus a lot on the fact that God ALLOWS us to eat meat, the most of us are not aware that the problem has run ahead of us a lot faster than we can follow. I would suggst that MOST believers are not very aware of the mass abuse to animals -- that is often being condoned in the name OUR scriptures- precisely because they are being misunderstood. God simply does NOT condone this cruelty- and animal rights people are probably closer to God’s heart on this issue than are many christians.
    As evangelists we are meant to be greek to the greeks and roman to the romans in order that we may win some… could I venture to say that I became vegan 4 years ago and those who are vegan for the sake of compassion have been more willing to hear me about my faith in Jesus because they see me showing compassion to the creatures who they know are sentient. They are not wrong about thi, as God as we know shows compassion… I have become unwittingly vegan to the vegans … after all, why should they listen to me if I cannot listen to them ? The end of Corinthians 8- in the last verse before chapter 9 ( 1 Cor 8v29 perhaps?) there is a wonderful and unexpected verse where it says that if my eating meat would cause some to stumble, may I never eat meat again. I know some will say that it was to do with offering meat to idols- but the POINT is that if what I do causes someone to stumble in their walk with Christ, then I should not do it! My desires should not override my weaker brother’s because his faith growing is more important than my desires being met. And many wouldbe/ could be christian believers who have enough compassion to care about how living sentient animals are being treated are looking to the christian world to see how we behave. Its time we readdressed the whole problem. Animals are not co-heirs but they ARE God’s sentient creation who He made for our companionship to enhance this beautiful world. Our abuse of them shows our disregard for Gods values.

    By the way, Im a christian but I’m also a vegan and my health improved enormously when I took this step 4 years ago ( I was vegetarian 25 years before that) In the old days we ate meat perhaps two times a week and it was done in the fashio of true sacrifice; the animals were seen to have value so they were treated with value while they lived. But now our culture eats meat nearly 3 times a day, with nealry every meal- and the animals are not treated with the respect of a sacrifice, but are rather treated as something that has No value when it dies or when it lives. That is why the torture and cruelty towards these poor creatures has increased exponentially and also while we stuff our bodies with more and more fat and cholesterol our cancers, strokes, hear attacks and diabetes has also multiplied times over- because THIS was never the diet and life plan God had for us. We should repent and go back to the older ways of Gods compassion- of not muzzling ( torturing ) the animals we use and respecting them as long as they live. And remember this- God ALLOWED us to eat meat- it simply never was His original plan. Lets think about how we are affecting non- believers and think about respecting their genuine insights of compassion -- sometimes they know more than we do.

    on a very interesting note- they vegan diet is extremely delicious as well as healthy- everyone who tries it is very surprised- but then, why shouldnt it be ? As a plant- based diet what what God provided for us originally its hardly surprising that its extremely varied and delicious!!! 🙂 ( google vegan websites to see what I mean! 🙂 God Bless x x

    • Hello, again, Fi.

      I understand your point about Christians eating meat, but we must be careful the lengths to which we go to “become a Greek to the Greeks.” It may not necessarily result in bringing someone into a saving knowledge of Christ. This is especially true if our priorities are crossed. You said, for instance, in one place in your comment, that you became a vegan for health reasons, while in another place, you said you did it (unwittingly) to better identify with vegans, whom you hope to win to Jesus. In that the overall tenor of your comment reflects concern for animal welfare and cruelty to animals, it seems that, while your concerns are certainly valid, you are more preoccupied with animal welfare than with the desire to bring the lost to Jesus. The danger here is that vegans (or at least vegan philosophy) could influence you more than you influence them.

      We do not have to become as those to whom we witness, in order to listen to them. What Paul meant was that we have to condescend to the level of those to whom we witness that we do not appear to be aloof to them. In other words, we should know something about why they do what they do, to better relate to them and their situations.

      Christians cannot get caught up in the animal welfare movement, because this movement is driven mostly by pagans and witches, who make no secret about it. Moreover, in that the animal rights movement preaches that humans and animals are the same, then they are diametrically opposed to the Bible, which places humans “a little lower than the angels.” Most animal rights proponents believe that the God of the Bible is cruel, because He commanded the Jews to make animal sacrifices. With regard to animal treatment, the Christians position is biblical: “The righteous man regards (cares for) his beast,” and, in fact, all animals.

      The animal rights movement is a type of ecumenical movement, in that it is being used to unite Christians, such as yourself, with witches, satanists, homosexuals, and others who really hate the Lord Jesus, under the banner of prevention of animal cruelty. And believe me when I tell you that they are influencing the Christians with their beliefs instead of the reverse.

      Concerning the eating of meat, the Apostle Paul says that the Christian, who refuses to eat meat, is weak in the faith:

      “Him that is weak in the faith receive ye, but not to doubtful disputations.

      “For one believeth that he may eat all things, another, who is weak, eateth herbs” (Romans 14:2-3).

      As Paul says in the first verse, he doesn’t want Christians bickering about minor details. The eating of meat is one of those minor details. That is why, later in verse 5, Paul says,

      “One man esteemeth one day above another: another esteemeth every day alike. Let every man be fully persuaded in his own mind.

      Paul then goes on to say that both the meat-eating Christian and the vegan Christian either eat meat to the Lord, or don’t eat meat to the Lord; for both give God thanks when they eat.

      The point is, as Paul says in 1 Corinthians, “That there should be no schism in the body.” We should not let a little thing like meat divide the body of Christ. Though Paul knows that it is lawful for all Christians to eat meat, he is not going to impose his will on anyone, nor will he allow anyone to impose their will on him.

      “Meat commendeth us not to God: for neither, if we eat, are we the better, neither, if we eat not, are we the worse” (1 Corinthians 8:8).

      Please accept this in the Spirit of love and Truth.

  3. Gabriel says:

    Only humans were made in the image of God. Humans, both men and women were given authority over all animals. Therefore the bible makes it clear that any animal was not created equal with humans. We are in a world with changing times and new age thinking. Animal rights activists have gone to the extreme as some others, that their pets or any other animals should perhaps get better treatment than the lowliest of human beings such as poor people or homeless people. Time to wake up, people. End times are here and fanaticism is on the rise as is corruption and warped thinking patterns. We are to care for our animals but some have fallen to the point of idoltary.

    • Well spoken, Gabriel. The majority of these horribly deceived people are non-Christians, but would you believe that there are Christians who have been swept along by this unGodly tide of animal activism? I once visited a website touting the errant Rapture theology where one Christian was wondering if his dog would be raptured before or after him, while another had made elaborate plans for the care of his dog in the advent of the owner’s untimely rapture. The depressing thing is that there seems to be no end in sight to this unfortunate trend. Your point about this unnatural affinity for animals being akin to idolatry is also a very astute observation.

  4. rachel says:

    Wow OK so…Some people of the Christian faith (and probably any “faith”) believe that it is not just OK to eat animals, but it would be OK to eat dogs, cats, and so on. Furthermore, they believe that it is against god’s word to defend the decision to stand up for the animals who are being slaughtered.

    I just read this very well written brainwash. I beg to differ with the argument, specifically the part where the carcass-devouring hypocritical being poised at his holy writing station states that animals (because they have “instinct”) are void of a “will to live” because having a “will” is a human characteristic. Animals have many a purpose-other than clogging your arteries and makin’ your purse smell like a decaying fart-among which are these: to provide you with support in their own way, friendship-in a way that is unique to their capabilities (i.e. they can’t speak, so they amuse you by nuzzling, wagging their tails, winnying, sniffing your va-jay jay when you walk in the house).

    Honestly, if they had the ability to reason, do you THINK (since you do have the ability-PRAISE JAHOVAH, yahweh and LSD) that they would reason that the way they lived their lives was up to you? Would they absolve that the way they died was your decision? I think not. Just because they don’t have the same abilities, doesn’t mean we should harness our powerful minds for the sole purpose of appeasing our taste buds while conquering, dominating, fondling and torturing something “lesser” than us.

    Leave them alone, you self righteous carnivorous heartless monsters. That IS specieism, actually. After having read this person’s quite contradictory, superfluous rant of an attempt at persuasion—I am even more convinced that Christianity is a tool of wrath. Really, what is the point of this article or the site in general? To scare us into Christianity? Fear breeds fear and if one is scared for the state of the world and chooses to back up their purpose for doing something that is inherently hurtful to another being (different species or not does not matter) with contradictory and relentlessly merciless statements, no one with half a brain is going to want to follow you—so maybe your predictions will come true and someone will just eat you so you can’t write any more nonsense.

    • Hi, Rachel. First, I thank you for saying the article was well-written. If you’re going to write nonsense, it helps if it is at least well-written. I take it you disagree with my opinion. OK. Well, let me put it in terms you could appreciate. If humans are only animals, then it should be OK to “put down” those humans that are no longer viable. If such a mentality ever became generally accepted, then if you are not in the status quo, you could be put down.

      Now for those who are in the majority, it would not be a problem. But those in the minority could experience a significant emotional event. With time, anyone who does not fit the ideal could be put down. That was the message of the movie, “Soilent Green.” First, those considered criminally insane would be put down. Then the old, the infirm, the handicapped, and the mentally challenged. Next “undesirables” (I’ll let you figure out who that means). Next would be political dissidents and anyone considered a danger to the state. Next all criminals. Next, the definition of criminal would be modified, and those who fall under the modified definition would be put down. And on and on until the state is purged of all imperfect, undesirable, and “unenlightened” individuals. That is a very real goal of the New Age Movement.

      The first step to doing all this would be to sterilize all these people so they don’t procreate and infect society. We do this to dogs and cats now, so since humans are only animals, no problem. With time, even though they can’t procreate, they become an eyesore to the status quo, so they have to go.

      This is a very real danger and is being considered right now by the movers and shakers in the world. These are not new concepts. They were done in many countries including Nazi Germany AND THE UNITED STATES. Get the books, “Ominous Parallels” and “War Against The Weak.”

      Welcome to Kansas, Dorothy.

  5. Craig Boliek says:

    Also looks like Barack Obama will be pushing for the Israel-Palestinian peace treaty on September 21, 2011. Prophecy is unfolding…

  6. Craig Boliek says:

    The first rabinically approved sacrifice in Israel was made in June of this year. Google it!

    • Thanks, Craig! I did Google it and was promptly amazed. You’re right: prophecy is indeed unfolding. With respect to American’s attitude towards the Jews because of Jewish animal sacrifices, check out the comments on this link. Notice how the conversations go from prophecy fulfillment to people talking about their animals. This is exactly what I’m talking about. Note the one guy who hopes that his dog will be raptured. And these are supposed to be Christians who should know better!

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