Is St. Louis Preparing For A Terrorist Attack?

Grace and peace, saints.

Sunday morning was a busy one for emergency responders, law enforcement, and other select personnel who participated in a joint exercise at the Scottrade Center, home of the St. Louis Rams.  Read the story below.

Emergency responders conduct drill at Scottrade Center

ST. LOUIS • Some 350 emergency responders and volunteers, complete with firetrucks and other equpment, gathered outside City Hall this morning to conduct a large-scale scheduled drill across the street at the Scottrade Center.

The exercise began in the late morning and was to continue for four to six hours, said Capt. Dave Neighbors, a St. Louis Fire Department spokesman.

As to the exact nature of the exercise, “We will not tell until it’s done,” Neighbors said.

In addition to units from the St. Louis fire and police departments, the exercise includes hazardous materials and SWAT teams from St. Charles County, a St. Louis County hazmat team, and the 7th Civil Support Team, a National Guard unit from Jefferson City.  [Read original story here.]

Interesting.  It is not the joint training between the emergency responders, law enforcement, and fire department that is of interest, but the inclusion of hazmat teams, SWAT, and the  7th Weapons of Mass Destruction Civil Support Team out of Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri that has me wondering.

And apparently this is not the first joint training mission these units have participated in. In 2009, they collaborated for baseball’s All Star Game, also held in St. Louis.  This is intriguing; especially since the FBI, Missouri Department of Natural Resources, U.S. Department of Energy, the St. Louis Police Department and the Explosive Ordinance Disposal unit also participated.  Why the Department of Natural Resources and the Department of Energy?  Do they anticipate a terrorist attack on our water and/or energy reserves?

This reminds me of the Rex 84 type training exercises that William Cooper wrote about that are being held in cities across the nation.  The goal of Rex 84 is continuity of government in the event of a national emergency and the institution of martial law.

And the New World Order just keeps rolling along.  Watch and pray, saints.

If you had no idea that Rex 84 is actually a fulfillment of prophesy, and you now understand that if the Bible was right about Rex 84, it was right about God’s coming judgment on this sinful world, you need to get right with Jesus Christ–ASAP.

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