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God Is In Control

Grace and peace, believers! As I write this, it is 12:03 a.m.  I just got through reading a document that provided a great deal of clarity to me and proved yet again, that God Is In Control.   Yesterday evening, … Continue reading

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Reply To A Christian About the Charismatic Movement

Grace and peace, believers, and greetings to those still in the world. The following post is a reply to a comment made by a dear soul who believes the Charismatic Movement is of God.  I am posting it here for … Continue reading

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Does President Obama Think All (Christian) Gun Owners Are Terrorists?

Grace and peace unto you, brothers and sisters. President Obama has just told us what the war on terror is really all about.  In a CNN interview, he reportedly made the following statement with regard to the government’s terrorism focus: “The … Continue reading

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Breaking Generational Curses

Grace and peace unto you. The subject of generational curses is so controversial, that it is rarely, if ever preached.  I have never heard it preached in my entire life, yet generational curses are responsible for destroying more people’s lives … Continue reading

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Witnessing: Every Christian’s Ministry

Grace and peace. Many Christians are concerned because they don’t know what specific work God has called them to do, and they feel discouraged when they hear others talk about their personal ministries.  But God has a work for all … Continue reading

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Is St. Louis Preparing For A Terrorist Attack?

Grace and peace, saints. Sunday morning was a busy one for emergency responders, law enforcement, and other select personnel who participated in a joint exercise at the Scottrade Center, home of the St. Louis Rams.  Read the story below. Emergency … Continue reading

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Chronology of Joy

“Anyone who doesn’t have principles that they are willing to die for at any moment is already dead and of no use to anyone, including himself, and will be miserable their whole life because of it.”  –William Cooper Grace and … Continue reading

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The Media Assault on Christianity Continues

Grace and peace. In our post entitled, “In God We Trust, All Others We Monitor” we discuss how the media associates Biblical Christianity with terrorism by calling it “fundamentalism,” the same term applied to Islāmic terrorism.  In “The Occult Significance of … Continue reading

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