“Take Heed That No Man Deceive You” (Matthew 24:4)

Grace and peace, Saints.

Folks, I have just spent the last three and a half hours on YouTube checking out videos posted by various “Christian” ministries.  Let me tell you something in all seriousness:  If you do not have the discernment of the Holy Spirit, you will, I repeat, YOU WILL BE DECEIVED.   One site I went to featured a guy putting out information that was actually true, though he mixed it with speculation.  He was talking about the correlation between the Japanese tsunami and Biblical prophecy, only he attributed the tsunami to weather warfare.

I don’t know if this is true or not.  One thing I do know is that Jesus foretold of such events as the Japanese tsunami (Luke 21:25).  It doesn’t matter who actually caused it, what does matters is that it fits into God’s plan.

What is more important and what I want to speak to is the fact that he seemed to be legitimate in that he was right in his assertion that this was the finger of God.  He also mentions the name of Jesus Christ often, and says that people ought to get saved.  But as I watched his videos and perused his website, I began to see inconsistencies.  Suspicious, I looked to see if anyone had posted any comments or a video response that may help to shed some light on him.   Someone had.

This individual posted a video expose that featured snippets of other videos the gentleman (who I will call a videovengelist) had made.  The expose not only refuted some of the gentleman’s claims, but it also showed some glaring inconsistencies in his statements by comparing video snippets that clearly show him contradicting himself.  In short, this video expose’ confirmed my suspicions about the videovangelist.

After watching the video expose’, I went to its owner’s YouTube channel to see what he was all about.  He gives very little information about himself other than that he presents the truth using the same tools that Satan uses to deceive the masses, or words to that effect; those tools are namely, “comedy and video.”  One of the videos posted on his site depicts stars actually denying God or attempting to deceive the public by invoking God in order to appear godly.  The most memorable for me was Jamie Foxx being asked by a young lady what God was to him.  Foxx is visibly perturbed at this question.  He then asks the lady, “What is He to you?”  When she responds that He is everything to her, Foxx then says, “You got all the answers, so why are you asking me?”  He ultimately says that God is everything to him, but in a manner suggesting that he was only mimicking what the young lady said just to get through the question.

Discerning Christians know, of course, that Christianity and celebrity are diametrically opposed, and that in reality most, if not all, celebrities worship Satan or practice some form of Satan worship.  So, again, this information is consistent with the truth.  Another video highlights mega-church pastors and prosperity gospel preachers and how they are actually deceiving the gullible.  This is also something we know is going on: so far, so good.  Well, the last video I looked at was taken at a local comedy club.

In that worldly comedy is totally inconsistent with Christianity, I was interested to see what the video dealt with given my experience with comedians.  Within the first minute of the video a comedian used some of the most vulgar, sexually explicit language I have ever heard.  I fast forwarded to the next comedian and it was more of the same.  After I clicked out of his site, I sat back in my chair and pondered what had taken place this morning.  This is what I concluded.

The videovangelist reminded me that not only does Satan deceive people by combining truth with lies, but he also deceives people by using the truth for evil ends. I discovered that the videovangelist is likely a scam artist.  He claims to have a Bible school, but it seems that no one has ever heard of it.  He advertises books, videos, and other merchandise on his website, which people have complained that they ordered, but have never received.  And he solicits donations from the public, but no one seems to know what he does with the money.  It seems he also has a knack of disappearing for months at a time only to reappear with a convenient excuse for having been in absentia.  But I don’t think he is an opportunist.  I believe he is a part of a well-orchestrated plan designed to discredit genuine Christian ministries.  People who follow this man will be deceived, and many will become bitter and distrustful of all Christian ministries, even those who are speaking the truth.

Those people will be driven to sites like Mr.  Expose’s which actually exists for the same purpose as Mr. Videovangelist’s site.  He exposes the hypocrisy of the videvangelist and turns people off to this gentleman.  He then entices one to visit his site where one will view his videos on false pastors and may be turned off to ALL preachers, legitimate or otherwise.  One then views his videos on the occult connection between the entertainment industry and the “Illuminati” (which most people these days are aware of) and think that he has all the answers.  Then while at his site, one will out of curiosity view his videos of the comedy club with all their profanity and sexual overtones, and be lured into Satan’s camp through the senses.  And people will begin to follow this guy just like they followed the videvangelist.  He will draw people away from church and draw disciples unto himself.

Think this is a stretch?  Well consider that one person had left a comment for Mr. Expose’ wherein he asked if the “prophecy” of Harold Camping were true because he has “drifted away from God.”  This poor man has already been deceived into accepting Mr. Expose’ as his guru.  Other people had also left comments saying how they knew the videvangelist was a phony, many of them thanking Mr. Expose’ for helping them to see the light.  It’s easy to get people to take you into their confidence in this manner.  All one need do is to first establish trust by “saving” someone from being deceived by exposing a false prophet and then establish legitimacy by putting out old information with a new face.  I, for instance, had never seen the clip of Jamie Foxx, nor had I seen some of the other people saying the things they do on his video, though I have seen many, many others.

One last thing I noticed was that Mr. Videvangelist and Mr. Expose’ both list contact addresses in the same state.  Is this a coincidence?  Maybe.  Is it also possible that the two are working in tandem?  Now you’re beginning to use your knowledge knot.

Remember that Jesus in Matthew 24:24 says,

“For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.”

By the way, Mr. Videvangelist actually quotes this verse in one of his videos.  As I said, the devil will use the truth for evil ends.  These gentlemen appear to be “deceitful workman transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ.”  But their end “shall be in accordance with their works.”

Pray for discernment saints, and look up; your redemption draweth nigh.

The Still Man

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2 Responses to “Take Heed That No Man Deceive You” (Matthew 24:4)

  1. A Reviewer says:

    Christians do not, as Muslims do, butcher innocent people when someone burns a Bible. Thus, Christians are BETTER than Muslims.

    • The Still Man says:

      Actually, Christians are no better than anyone else. Some of the best Christians were some of the worst people (I speak from experience). We are better off, you might say, because we have passed from death to life.

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